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  1. Suspension or brakes?
  2. Looking for new tires
  3. Need Advise Blown Shock/Strut??
  4. Camber Kit Question
  5. Wheel Fitment Advice
  6. Rear brake line allignment
  7. Loud grinding/rattleing noise when cornering left hard turns
  8. AP1 rims staggered setup on EP3
  9. ABS & Brake light on
  10. steering gets misaligned
  11. d-specs with h&r, progressive, other?
  12. replica 2000 si wheels 5 lug??
  13. Rokkor Coilovers and tie rod ends...
  14. Tires with white lettering? (GT style)
  15. Want to use aftermarket "tuner" lugs on your stock rims?
  16. New Problem
  17. Mugen SS spec?
  18. fair price for used megan racing coilovers ?
  19. Warped Brake Rotors
  20. How to separate passenger axle from intermediate shaft?
  21. Seriously, I need help with my setup
  22. prelude blades! help do they fit?
  23. Rear Brake line Crimp/Plug
  24. Ball Joint and Tie Rod End problems.
  25. Rear Koni yellows do not fit into top housing :(
  26. help sway bar fitment issue
  27. a bolt from my caliper fell off today...
  28. How did you set your ride height?
  29. Rigid Collars
  30. do i need camber kit???
  31. Which coilover did you chose and why?
  32. ***Closed***
  33. Rsx coilovers on an ep... need some info
  34. easier way to replace brake booster?
  35. Street tires on the track?
  36. 4 lug brake upgrade options, AEM big brake kit, RSX calipers?
  37. Tire Squeal please help.
  38. Rear shock problem
  39. Camber Kit
  40. STD R3/R5 coilovers - any experience with them ?
  41. rokkor/raceland coilover help!
  42. Front tires are wearing out way too fast.
  43. bad springs??
  44. Wilwood's leaking
  45. 5zigen Wheels
  46. Snapped wheel studs HELP
  47. Lower Ball Joint and Tie Rod Grease
  48. Where to get End link for Sway bar?
  49. Doing my spring and shock setup , help with instaltion
  50. Help/advice on gold/bronze rims
  51. **my new set wheels and tires**
  52. Rear Brake Caliper Problem... HELP!
  53. positive +2 camber stuck?
  54. Esm?
  55. Cusco B pillar bars
  56. accident yesterday. Suspension help.Would an rsx tie rod fit ep3
  57. help with aftermarket seats
  58. Suspension goals and confusion
  59. What's the widest wheel you can fit on an Ep?
  60. Help!?! offset/spacer question
  61. Anyone know what wheels these are?
  62. Looking into new rotors and brakes, Crossed drilled slotted
  63. hard suspension over bumps
  64. Just bought some Ap1 wheels and need them refinished.
  65. Rear Brake Caliper Bracket
  66. Brake Kits
  67. Hear hard scratching noise when i break, i'm lost and clueless, please help!
  68. Spring rubbing noise
  69. C8 Sport SSD Coilovers
  70. Megan to BC racing coilovers = now odd squeak
  71. help with koni yellows plz.
  72. rate my alignment
  73. I need a konic eco 1 rim
  74. 64mm centercaps for 67mm?
  75. Outer steering rod? popped off when turning
  76. Tokico blues and tein s or h techs vs raceland
  77. 205?
  78. Anybody try use oem rear sway bar in front?
  79. broken front sway bar link!!! argh
  80. 03 si brake pedal goes from firm to really low in two pumps.
  81. 04-05 OEM wheels and spacers
  82. can someone help me whats wrong with my front wheel should it look like this?
  83. Sportmaxx xxr 002
  84. URGENT... Mugen SS alignment specs for RSX needed ASAP
  85. Alignment??
  86. What suspension should i get?
  87. DC5 Tie Ends
  88. Help!! what do u guys think
  89. GC Coils with DSpecs or RaceLand Coils....
  90. Wheel's stick out on passenger side, tucked in on drivers side?
  91. DC5S brake lines same as Ep3?
  92. Wheel Bearing/ Spindle Question. . . .
  93. between 50 and 60 car starts to shake
  94. Help with suspension
  95. Rim offset questions.....cant get my head around this!
  96. Falken RT-7M
  97. Caster Alignment issue with coilovers HELP
  98. Axle question
  99. How to raise rear coilover?
  100. Camber Kit Confusion?
  101. Not your normal wheel and tire question...
  102. Buddyclub racing spec coilovers
  103. Snapped Banjo bolt on brake line
  104. Struts are bad, replacement suggestions needed
  105. Coilovers? Or sleeves and struts?
  106. 5th gear popping out, 4th is kinda hard to engage
  107. Alignment help!!!!!
  108. Wheels on the way!
  109. brake rotor size??
  110. Type S calipers & rotors on 04 Ep3 : question for you track guys !
  111. Diagnose My Clunking
  112. Please help with my wheels before sunday!!!!!
  113. Roll my fenders cause i fixed my camber??
  114. thoughts on plastidip?
  115. 5 lug swap HELP ASAP!!
  116. Rear Camber Kit
  117. Noob question about Beaks, LCAS, and sways
  118. Wheel Fitment Help?
  119. Coil over install
  120. been working on these rims
  121. Rear camber kit suggestions
  122. Ground Control coilovers questions
  123. DC5 TYPE R Brembo Kit
  124. Squeakin and popping noise when turning right or left.
  125. New to Coilovers
  126. help!
  127. Looking to get XXR's.... 0 offset or +15?
  128. Ksport rear camber kit
  129. BFG g-Force Super Sport compared to others?
  130. type s axels with oem ep rotors....
  131. Bolt that connects the rear brake calipers to the knuckle
  132. 4 Lugs guys: Anyone running 17x7.5 wheels? Need help: Info Inside
  133. help! i think i need spacers
  134. steering loose
  135. Odd sound while braking..
  136. Ksport pillow ball mounts on race lands?
  137. A-spec alignment question
  138. Hubcentric rings?
  139. looking for a 1" drop
  140. Quick question, need an answer.
  141. Rear wheel bearing
  142. Honda/Acura OEM wheel lock key replacement
  143. New tires feel squishy during turns/cornering.
  144. Energy Suspension Bushings?
  145. 02 4 lug bolt snapped
  146. backspacing help
  147. looking for a suspesion that wont break the bank!
  148. 04-05 ep3 5 lug conversion?
  149. Lowering springs
  150. Is this bad...
  151. BC Coilovers ??
  152. Full size spare
  153. Mugen wheel lug nuts, can someone confirm their material?
  154. what is the correct part?!!!
  155. Koni sport kit? Thinking about ordering one.
  156. What is the advantage of 5-lug over 4-lug?
  157. Strut bar fitment
  158. Need some help
  159. shock/strut OEM replacement
  160. Piston Seal & Piston Boot replacement - Caliper Kit oem 01463-S04-V00
  161. Anyone heard of EBC brakes?
  162. Need New Rotos/Pads
  163. Brakes feel weird after incorrectly bleeding - Is my master cylinder ruined?
  164. Forceum Tires?
  165. What cheap things can I do to get my suspension feeling better?
  166. What exactly goes wrong in the steering rack?
  167. Difference between brands of adjustable struts
  168. Sidewall specific tires
  169. undercarriage brace
  170. stupid car!
  171. K Sport coilovers
  172. Goodyear Fierce VR tires
  173. Where Are These Rims From?
  174. stock 02 suspension
  175. Plasti dip wheels
  176. RSX and EP compatability.
  177. 15x9 or 15x10
  178. new 2012 wheels
  179. Anybody rock Konig Verdicts?
  180. type s calipers on ep3
  181. AP Racing competition brake kit
  182. Wheels spacers:: good or bad?
  183. megan coilover wtf?
  184. Pic request of 16x8 +10 post them for me plz !
  185. Every winter.. same problem with brakes.
  186. RSX front LCA measurements
  187. PIC Request: VBP with 18" Mugen GP
  188. Torque Specs for Coilover Installation
  189. sway bar input
  190. wheel question, does it fit? (OEM fit HFP wheels)
  191. Damn Springs keep breaking
  192. WTB 0857's
  193. That POP, that CLUNK, that effed ALIGNMENT. Help.
  194. Torquing Tie Rods
  195. Ground Control Vs.Skunk 2 Adjustables Vs. Raceland
  196. Rear Coilovers Shifting in Height
  197. Guinea Pig - Stagg SHS Shock Absorbers
  198. Megan Coilover Problem
  199. Winter Tires - What Do You Use?
  200. Input please on my alignment
  201. Suspension question, going to stock but did type-s brake swap
  202. $1k DD Coilover Setup?? (links and prices inside)
  203. Just installed rear camber kit... Now rear wheel knocks...
  204. Lowering
  205. Knocking/Clicking Noise when turning wheels
  206. Emergency / Hand Brake Issues?
  207. Noise while i am in Reverse
  208. Questions on DIY Alignment (Toe)
  209. TE37 - 17x7.5 +30
  210. What To Replace on Suspension?
  211. Does ITR DC5 BREMBO conversion fits EP3???
  212. need some advice on shocks:/
  213. Uneven tire wear...
  214. need some advice on switching or keeping current suspension setup
  215. Will rear S2000 wheels on my Ep?
  216. Bought Car with ITR Header, must have a different front sway too? Correct?
  217. How Low Until I Need Camber Kits?
  218. Energy Susp bushings kit - the answer to the 100k mile wobbles? How hard is install?
  219. about to go pick up some wheels quick question
  220. JDM DC5 Integra Type R Front Aluminum control Arms
  221. need front struts kyb or koni...or someting else?
  222. Let me see your 16" wheels.
  223. Possible Rack Solution?
  224. megan racing coilovers
  225. Shock mount bushing question
  226. Will these fit properly?
  227. Ball joint / RCA question
  228. dc5 r suspension.
  229. EVO 8 wheels - what size tires / are spacers needed?
  230. New member what size wheel/tire should I run with a 2" drop??
  231. Need Help! 16x9 20offset
  232. best tires size for xxr 002s to get a fitment look
  233. Consideriong 205-60-16 vs 205-55-16 - how will it affect my ride?
  234. DNA coilover sleeves.
  235. Front brake caliper upgrade to brembo help
  236. RARE 5zigen Heidfeld Meisterhaftes 1pc 17x7+42mm in 4x100 FS/FT
  237. strut bar......most popular?
  238. suspension question
  239. Will RSX top hats work on our shocks?
  240. Need advice/tips from more experienced members!
  241. what size tires to get?
  242. sway, sway bars
  243. About to order RACELAND COILOVERS!! yes or no
  244. Please Help me with wheel sizing
  245. Ebay camber kit
  246. megan racing coilover question
  247. kyb agx struts
  248. Did tanabe ever made front sways bars for jdm ep3r?
  249. NHBP 2002-2003 with stock wheel plasti dipped white, where did I see this?
  250. is there a difference between rsx-s and ep front lcas?
  251. How good are Buddy club coilovers for ep3 ???
  252. camber kit?
  253. Average size of wheels for and EP3
  254. Rota Circuit 10 Royal Sport Bronze
  255. Raceland Coilovers??? Worth it?
  256. will type s coilovers fit?
  257. DC5-S 21mm rear sway bar - ep3 or dc5-s end links?
  258. 16's on my Brembo's!
  259. Buddy Club ball joint wonders?
  260. Bilstein Sport Struts/shocks for EP3 and which springs to use with them
  261. front left side wheel CLICKING NOISES
  262. NEW! Function Form lower control arms
  263. Drop without camber arms
  264. Skunk2 Pro-C's Finally!
  265. Advice on suspension
  266. 2006 honda civic dx steel wheel fitment onto 04' ep3
  267. tire is hitting the top of the wheel well
  268. Ordering coilovers need advice.
  269. New wheels....
  270. Curbed my Kosei K1 wheel, how to repair?
  271. FYI, Racelands discount coupons.
  272. Tire opinions
  273. T1R reversed tie rod question???
  274. looking for slammed ep's on stock 16
  275. Megan Racing LCA HELP!!
  276. I need Brake info!!
  277. 5 lug conversion prices$$$$
  278. Rotor & Brakes?
  279. 17x10 Wheels on ep3
  280. Loud clunking when driving over bumps,releasing clutch on take off and downsifts
  281. Fixing LCA suspension geometry after lowering
  282. Megan Racing SS vs Track Series
  283. rimtuck.com
  284. Ditching ABS, what prop valve?
  285. Best tire spec. for 17 rims.
  286. Recommendation on Camber bolts or camber plates
  287. Issues at TAke off questions
  288. Alignment specs!
  289. a few drop questions
  290. Caliper Question
  291. going back to stock
  293. Wheel size to clear Rotora BBK?
  294. 245-45-17 on Rota Circuit 10 17x7.5
  295. tokiko dspec
  296. Wilwood Dynalite
  297. tire size.
  298. Spoon upper rear bar?
  299. 16x8 +42 Offset Volk CE28N's
  300. looking to lower
  301. Auto-X setup but also a little form
  302. Tire angled?
  303. Are new struts worth it?
  304. Fender Roll Questions
  305. New wheels opinions?
  306. noob question
  307. Struts
  308. Where's the Beef?
  309. ball joints.. which is best
  310. Strut/spring combo vs coilovers
  311. Spoon CR93 17x7+52
  312. Question on caliper and rotors
  313. Aftermarket struts with aftermarket springs?
  314. noobish question
  315. Break Change
  316. Question on parts to replace when doing struts and springs
  317. Any 16x8.5 or9 wheels available?
  318. BC Racing Type BR Coilovers
  319. Need help asap!!! Car shakes at 40-50 mph
  320. stance question
  321. Coil-over. Need help/advice
  322. Quick Compatibility Question
  323. Anyone running 225/ 45 or 50/16s?
  324. need rear camber
  325. spoon progressive springs
  326. Good price for REAL Volk Te37s in 17?
  327. Lowering too much?
  328. Suspension and Wheels
  329. Anyone know how much the lip on the hub bore sticks out?
  330. Any info on Koni Sport Kit?
  331. "Clunking" noise
  332. Track setup advice.
  333. Need to remove lower ball joint, need help!
  334. Type One Racing (T1R) Inverted Tie Rods (newest version)
  335. tie rod problem plz help!
  336. New rotors came in!
  337. Lowering spring install
  338. Question about basic coilovers
  339. Front wheel bearings
  340. Best Coilover For EP3.
  341. 02 ep3 4 lug - 04 ep3 5 lug
  342. Look What Daddy Got!
  343. HELP!!! I was replacing front struts and cant get it back together
  344. What do I need to have RSX Tein Street Basis on the ep
  345. OMFG! Electronic Power Steering
  346. Shock choices
  347. hardrace
  348. Flush fitment minor rubbing issue
  349. Is there another alternative? Steering wheel shimmy
  350. Drag race wheel offset