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  1. For them but not us?
  2. HELP!!!! suspension questions
  3. Arrgg! (about bad wheel mounting job)
  4. Skunk2 front and rear strut bar
  5. brembo rotors
  6. My 4 sPoke UpGrade
  7. Camber Kit help
  8. progress springs installed
  9. When to get alignment after spring installation?
  10. To install myself or get Honda to do it??
  11. Ebay Rear Strut Bar ?
  12. SSR Competitions on the WAY!!!!
  13. ES motor mounts question
  14. 5-lug (base model or Type-S)
  15. clunking and crunching Progress sway
  16. HR spring part #
  17. New Here!!!
  18. Hub Centric Ring on Rotas
  19. Hotchkis Sway bars w/ end links
  20. neuspeed full coilovers coming soon
  21. 16 or 17" rota slipstream???
  22. Sportlines or Tein??
  23. Balancing wheels?
  24. Dropping. Will it ride like CRAP?
  25. Alignment done...I did need my front camber kit...
  26. look what i found
  27. Velox VX-8R
  28. a quick question about my suspension
  29. TEIN springs progressive?
  30. Alignment and coilovers.
  31. Those With Tein S Tech Springs
  32. looking for best price on Velox PG-5 18 inch
  33. tein springs
  34. nasty wheel hop anyone
  35. Spline Drives on the way, OK till then? (long)
  36. anyone know of some rims that look like this?
  37. what kinda of strut to go with?
  38. Tein S.TECH w/ Koni Sport
  39. slammin an ep..?
  40. Removing Driver's side axle and CV Boot
  41. Installed my Tein Springs
  42. 900. gram lights
  43. Go ahead with spring install???
  44. Tein SS
  45. What rims are these?
  46. Pissed off at Honda dealership
  47. how to convert to 5 bolt wheel pattern?
  48. Buddy club dampners on ebay....1699.95
  49. H&R's Installed!
  50. Damn close to CTR wheels...
  51. front strut bar install WTF
  52. velox vx5
  53. springs
  54. 5 lug conversion anyone?
  55. What are the Rota SubZero's copy's of?
  56. F
  57. bigger rotors work with stock calipers
  58. Money Burned My Pocket So I brought These!!
  59. Tein S-Tech, Eibach Sportline, 1.5" drop, Need Camber?
  60. My Suspension Plans? What ya think?
  61. SSR Competition
  62. Please translate my alignment paper
  63. funny noises
  64. feel bouncy @ rear... need new strut??
  65. Anyone have these?
  66. Sportline Owners--Do you have an uneven drop?
  67. H&R Springs
  68. neuspeed strut tie bar install
  69. where to jack
  70. what kind of spring compressor?
  71. Another solution to the wheel hop problem=Z10 bar...Oakhurst, NJ peeps could help!
  72. what rims should i buy?
  73. New Sport Spring by GoldLine
  74. Brake upgrade from stock?!?
  75. Offset question....
  76. Tein S. Tech Springs?????
  77. Five Lug - Installed!
  78. Front End Clanking - Need Help
  79. tire pressures for different rim sizes
  80. Why are the Tein S-Tech Spring Rates so low?
  81. Skunk2 rear lower tie bar
  82. Weird seeing these...
  83. Anyone hear about d3 design bar yet?
  84. Tein S-Tech - Bump Rubber / Bump Stop...
  85. Light-Weight 16" wheels
  86. For those with Progress Springs
  87. tein flex fits 2002 si?
  88. oh SNAP!
  89. NEUSPEED Strutbars!
  90. camber kit and bushings
  91. Progress or Eibach Sportline
  92. Wheel Choices....quick Poll
  93. kingmotorsports to release suspension mods for si
  94. Measuring a drop
  95. Anyone with the skunk2 coilovers
  96. Where to start?
  97. Waiting list for the D3 CSK-C for the EP3
  98. How much do these weigh??
  99. handling question?
  100. just put this setup on for kicks, what do you think?
  101. Eibach or Tein S springs having second thoughts
  102. wheel weight - does it really matter?
  103. Front Strut Bars
  104. Bilstein Shocks and EP specific Tein S. Tech
  105. best looking bronze rims?
  106. Well shyt. I was going to my brothers house and...bam!!!
  107. Loose Rear End
  108. With Koni Yellow...
  109. Just orderd Coil-overs from KW!!!
  110. fixed the springs CLICKIN noise !!!
  111. Which suspension would you choose and why?
  112. I need slicks
  113. Strut, Tie, Sway bars
  114. Rev wheels?
  115. RSX Stock Lower Tie bar?
  116. eibach pro kit ?
  117. I need new brake pads.
  118. Fightex Coilovers on EP3?????
  119. Progress Sway installed, with pics
  120. Lowering caused SRS light?
  121. As close as I can find to the Type R wheels
  122. Neuspeed rear upper strut bar
  123. question for those that are dropped...
  124. tokico's civic application finally under development
  125. 5zigen With Pzero!
  126. Tire Help
  127. Which spring do you prefer?
  128. anyone with 16's? if so what size drop?
  129. Volks or Racing Harts???
  130. 225/45 azenis....will the rub w/ drop?
  131. Rota Subzero Rolled-in Today...
  132. How about this for a Type R wheel alternative?
  133. comptech strut bar/titanium
  134. Brief me on suspension mods --
  135. General Suspension Torque Specs?
  136. Ground Control but need shocks
  137. For those with Progress springs
  138. Aerospeed coilover
  139. how low can i go
  140. how long should I wait to install camber kit?
  141. Volk Clones: These are not rice or bling are they?
  142. suspension funny tearing into corners from a stop
  143. Help on front upper strut braces
  144. best tire combo?need help!
  145. *HELP* did i get the wrong GroundControl kit?
  146. More Spring Install Advice Requested
  147. Torque specs for front swaybar?
  148. $600 for shocks?
  149. tein flex wrench substitute?
  150. are these parts worth it?
  151. Question about suspension kit
  152. Wheels and Tires?
  153. EP3 si aftermarket shocks
  154. Replacing a wheel stud?
  155. strut bar and braces great with tien techs
  156. Front Sway vs Front Strut
  157. where to get those hub centric rings?
  158. don't buy rota attacks
  159. need some good advice(long)
  160. Air Ride? Can someone help me out..... (VA BEACH)
  161. Got something from FED x guy
  162. 18s with neuspeed race?
  163. 1" drop with 17's??
  164. dead shocks?
  165. ouch! (kinda long)
  166. h&r springs
  167. New Skunk2 coilovers...
  168. coilovers or seperate spring/strut setup?
  169. Best way to get my car off of all 4's without lift?
  170. Help with best springs and wheels
  171. volk=frustration
  172. Switching from 4 lugs to 5?
  173. ctr calipers
  174. price on spring installation
  175. Tenzo wheels??
  176. New Ephatch.com Sponsor KW Suspensions - Special Coilover Offer!
  177. Springs install - Which side is the good side?
  178. Desperate*** Please Help With Cv Joints!!!
  179. Tein Basic Damper installed!!!
  180. Need Air Strut Help NOW!
  181. Where to buy wheels?....
  182. Ok now I need help for a CRX too please for springs
  183. anyone got pics of these rims on an ep?
  184. what springs?
  185. What do you think about these rims?
  186. Car pics
  187. Need This And Quickly
  188. new brakes
  189. Alignment $$ Camberkit installed
  190. Skunk 2 Adj. Coilover Help Please!
  191. Arospeed Coilover System
  192. blk sub-zero with pol. lip
  193. Tutorials
  194. if your tein flex begins rattling
  195. DC5-R 5 lug/brembo/a-arm/suspension on !
  196. Are neuspeed race springs 2.0 or 2.5 inch drop
  197. Just picked up the Wilwood big brake kit
  198. best camber kit for the long run
  199. Eibach sportline owners how is your ride, shocks, and bump stops
  200. What color Buddy Club P2's would look good?
  201. actual spring rates?????
  202. ctr sway bar + lower
  203. Mugen Suspension for US EP3 released
  204. Spoon Damper for ep3 !!!
  205. anyone who has ordered a set from wheelmax...please respond!!!
  206. Never heard of this before
  207. diff between sway bar and tie bar?
  208. Buddy Club p1 racing II or RacingHart C5?
  209. xbrace now or wait for d3 designs?
  210. Skunk2 Coilover Question?
  211. Which wheels to buy...?
  212. KW Installed! Pics inside!!!
  213. camber kits why so much diffrence in prices? (quality?)
  214. SUPER 2NR TV profiles KW SUSPENSIONS GERMANY Saturday July 5th!
  215. Question about quality rims
  216. What do u guys think about the G-Racing by Giovanna?
  217. 5 lug conversion
  218. goldline sag?
  219. Anyone know what the offset is for our cars?
  220. TEIN springs.....or H&R or EIBACH??
  221. Lifespan of OEM shocks?
  222. do I have to take off mud guards with 1.5 inch drop
  223. Tire Help
  224. DIY alignment
  225. ingalls camber kit part numbers?
  226. Spoon progressive springs, finally!
  227. Really Cheap Neuspeed Race Springs On Ebay
  228. is it ok to have all this on your car?
  229. lightweight wheels in front only for drag racing?
  230. centerline rims
  231. dropzone or skunk2 coilovers?
  232. Neuspeed FSB...clunking?
  233. Dead on Gram Light Clones down to the logo
  234. when to get shocks...
  235. Wheel Weight
  236. Help Skunk2 Coilover Help!!!!1
  237. time for an alignment
  238. Sway bar bushings were to grease?
  239. KONI Yellows kick a fair amount of arse
  240. wheel size
  241. Gold Rims?
  242. Question about installing Neuspeed springs.
  243. Which Camber Kits??
  244. Running different size tires?
  245. Would "Workemotion" Wheels look good on a Ep?
  246. Firestone POtenza's ?
  247. BrakeZone Big Brake Kit
  248. A quiki
  249. i need a honest opinon
  250. Dropping Car
  251. Drag tire and wheel setup.
  252. Wheel center caps
  253. Those rollin' on 18s post some pics!
  254. Bypass undoing the tie rod...
  255. DC5 ITR 22mm Rear Sway Bar
  256. Camber Kit Failure?
  257. sportlines installed
  258. Bronze rims on black EP??
  259. 18's
  260. Buddy Club's Lower Arm Replacement for the EP3
  261. Neuspeed Race WTF?!?!
  262. What size bolt is this?
  263. woot. just ordered some goodies.
  264. Good news form D3 Automotive Designs :)
  265. New Rotars?
  266. wat kinda springs u guys got wit 18's?
  267. wheel size
  268. fill in da gap
  269. coilovers....
  270. question for ES?
  271. should I wait for some shocks if coming out soon?
  272. What Color Rims??
  273. Will RSX rear camber fit on the EP?
  274. neuspeed or eibach?
  275. 911, M3 and Civic Si Suspension Commonalities
  276. tein spring rate too low for performance handling?
  277. Slightly torn tie rod boot
  278. Can someone tell me what a camber kit is??!!?
  279. caliper removal
  280. Soon to have $1500 at my disposal, what should I do???
  281. Rotas, well, some...for cheaper price
  282. coilovers
  283. H&R springs and SPC camber kits are in
  284. Just installed 22mm CTR rear swaybar
  285. anyone have pics of ebaich proline 2 inch drop ?
  286. KW English Instructions, please help
  287. Mysterious coilovers on eBay
  288. Emergency, please LOOK- HELP
  289. neuspeed with 18's
  290. question
  291. New Big Brake Kit to fit Factory 15s
  292. what the hell is a "hub"
  293. Which springs? eibach? tein? or H&R's???
  294. Need help with spring install fast!! Please!!
  295. Cut my bumpstops
  296. Wheels, I've narrow it to two
  297. tire choices
  298. tire wear
  299. So I'm thinking of getting some 16's now...slipstreams
  300. Suspension on unfortunately leased vehicle
  301. WHeel Locks
  302. Woohoo, got my visit from KW today!!!
  303. help decide on rims...
  304. Prices of rota slipstreams
  305. ctr rear sway bar.
  306. 17 inch wheels!
  307. installed neuspeed front upper strut bar today.
  308. Does anyone know?
  309. Mugen EP3 Sports Suspension Kit Cheapest Place
  310. Speed Bleeder
  311. Tein Ss
  312. lowerd on neuspeed race
  313. Now that my springs are installed.........
  314. How bad are stock tires??
  315. factory performance rims 4 lugs on ebay
  316. What do you think of these wheels?
  317. size of Type R rotors??
  318. King and Mugen were very good to me today...
  319. who makes bigger rotors?????
  320. why do we get sounds with aftermarket springs?
  321. ROTA CIRCUIT 10 rims (MF 10)
  322. ATTENTION! Heads up for everyone looking into KW Suspensions Coilovers
  323. bottoming out I think
  324. RSX Type S springs
  325. Mugen Sport Suspension kit!
  326. Question about stock shocks.
  327. I just bought these rims whata think?
  328. racing wheels
  329. Whats the best set up for suspension on 18s?
  330. need pic OZ supperleggra on silver ep
  331. New Rims what you think?
  332. What is a Rebar???
  333. strut question
  334. Mugen or Tein Basic Suspension Kit???
  335. springs
  336. does a RSX strut bar Fit a EP3>????
  337. springs w/o shocks
  338. ProKit Spring problem??
  339. Camber
  340. E-bay rear strut bar: Where'd they go?
  341. Tein Type Flex?!?!?!?
  342. Weight guide?
  343. How much neg camber with lowered ride height?
  344. so cali members: where to lower your car?
  345. Test Car needed in Socal Area for test fitment
  346. 1" & 1 1/2" drop clearance?
  347. Modification needed for rsx coilovers
  348. Mugen sport suspension installed!
  349. Cheap Camber Kit?
  350. coilovers and shocks?