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  1. carbon fiber or fiberglass eyelids
  2. Ep3 Jdm Type R Cluster
  3. **Pics** Custom Shift Boot, CF Dash
  4. midsection wing
  5. Floor Mats?
  6. window imperfection
  7. type r door panels on ebay
  8. Anyone with Side-Air Bags or CDN SiR
  9. where can i get these eyelids?
  10. Seat ????'s
  11. How to install blinker bulb?
  12. who really wants CF type R spoiler?
  13. pedals
  14. full time side markers
  15. Part number?
  16. JDM impact beams: here's the deal
  17. HIDs -- tell me the good, bad, & ugly
  18. SNEAK PEAK!! My XenonDepot Philips H4 hi/Low convesrion Kit
  19. Cheaper version of JDM Spoiler
  20. im dumb
  21. headlight options
  22. Concepto body kit: Petition
  23. Urethane Buddy Club Kit??
  24. Skunk 2 Type R Shift knob
  25. 4Point Belts
  26. anyone else disappointed with JDM lights?
  27. Plastic gauge cover rattling!
  28. please let me know what you think.. overhead console
  29. Titanium Shift Knob
  30. Billet HVAC knobs...
  31. cf kit
  32. Anyone use stock Fog switch for aftermarket Fog lights?
  33. rsx front conversion
  34. pic of wings west kit without fender flares??
  35. CTR wing fitment question
  36. Help
  37. new grill out but where to find it
  38. Anybody know the Bulb numbers?
  39. Watch out for possible fraud on ebay...ctr lip kit
  40. pedal question
  41. Opinions on lower Grillcraft grill?
  42. taking off console
  43. should I just buy the JDM kit...or wait?
  44. Please Help!!!
  45. installed clear bumper lenses
  46. How much should I pay for tinting?
  47. fixing dent and then some....need opinions
  48. Hatchbacks are lame
  49. amber corner lights...help!!
  50. instalation of oem fogs
  51. does anyone actually have the d3 kit?
  52. Body Kit 02 03 Si Honda Civic Buddy Club 2
  53. Iniglo version of gauges for our si....
  54. tails
  55. Side Airbag??
  56. what do you guys think of this wing?
  57. bodykit faq?
  58. seen this grille anywhere?
  59. water in with the hatch area how hard and long to fix?
  60. my slikzalicious shiftboot/knob combo;D
  61. neuspeed short shifter
  62. Made my own Double din Facia Adapter
  63. steering wheel
  64. How often do you guys use your moonroof?
  65. Door Panel...INFO PLEASE!!
  66. 02 Civic SI Concept
  67. update on eyelids....
  68. Custom Seat Belt Paads GROUP BUY
  69. METRA DASH KIT paint match?
  70. front signals... 1157 or 7440??
  71. Mid Wing
  72. wingswest rear wing question
  73. question about type-r shift boot...
  74. Carbon Fiber "H" ?
  75. Aluminum Shift Knob
  76. Eyes
  77. takin out the taillights...
  78. Amber Side Markers...
  79. TypeR kit For $675
  80. I need CTR Upholstery pics
  81. Mugen grill-any one have this or know where to get it?
  82. West Wings ctr type wing
  83. scosche kit 7-3-03
  84. JDM door sills
  85. Si emblem
  86. Help me pick a broadway mirror
  87. Feels Wing
  88. si emblems
  89. hids : )
  90. CTR Shift Boot vs. Si Shift Boot
  91. 10.4 Video In Dash
  92. Eye Lids Group Buy
  93. rear view mirror removal
  94. Rear License Plate Lights!!!
  95. My new superwhite bulbs
  96. shift boot questions...
  97. Check out these bulbs...
  98. painted headlights
  99. Kaminari Hood - NEW
  100. For those in absolute desperation for a Silver Type R kit from the UK....
  101. jdm CTR seat choices (help needed)
  102. cf lip spoiler and the rear wing
  103. *UPDATE* who really wants CF type R spoiler?
  104. jdm type r style lip kit
  105. API Kit or Type R Kit?
  106. Carbon Fiber EP3
  107. ... side skirt...
  108. What do you guys think of this?
  109. any idea where to get this?
  110. PIAA Plasma GT-X Bulbs?
  111. wut can i put in the place of that damn dummy button
  112. Post pic of pedals
  113. Off Centered Lisence Plate...
  114. jdm type r bumper supports?
  115. Remember that Sparco body kit! Well they made it for our car...2000 grand though
  116. Paint And Carbon Fiber
  117. lower seat rails
  118. headlight how to were did it go? search not working
  119. anyone with grillcraft upper?
  120. Stock JDM sides
  121. Anyone have D3D pics of the CF lip kit???
  122. jdm civic type r cluster 9k rpm tach
  123. best body kit material
  124. projector headlights
  125. cracking steering wheel... what do i do?
  126. Tail lights....
  127. why is installing the type-r kit so hard???
  128. possible to just take the stereo out?
  129. tails
  130. Good news for those seeking a Type R spoiler
  131. VIS hood
  132. Tenzo seats
  133. Interior Defect.. (picture)
  134. Where can I find JDM HID Projection headlights?
  135. Carbon fiber DASH!!
  136. Jdm Window Visors
  137. Fog light bulb size?
  138. 2nd View of Cabron Fiber
  139. My idea for "progressive" tail lights
  140. Modify your shift boot
  141. buddy mugen
  142. CTR Wing comparison pics...
  143. buddy club carbon fiber with reverse scoop
  144. sparco widebody kit picture
  145. anyone know who makes this kit?
  146. Rice or not I need HELP
  147. are our seats designed by recaro?
  148. Where can I get clear bumper lights?
  149. JDM Headlights $399!!!
  150. WHERE to buy
  151. Red/black REAL carbonfiber dash kit
  152. RSX Type S Front Lip
  153. carbon Fiber Dash Kits?
  154. My dealership got ripped off with a body kit form Wings West
  155. Dash light color
  156. Groupbuy for HID's
  157. LOOKIN for a FRONT LIP
  158. (possibly) brillant idea! Red stitching on my rear view?
  159. has anyone installed this shift boot? Mugen, suede
  160. blue ep w/ red interior?
  161. Anyone had anybody mess up their doors yet?
  162. neons??
  163. water spots on headlight lense
  164. APC anyone?
  165. German Rice
  166. C-West Body kit Anyone?
  167. What do you think?
  168. again...those with CTR side skirts...read
  169. Catz Eyes
  170. New carbon fiber hood from Seibon!
  171. Spoilerdepot.com
  172. Painting headlights...
  173. Type-MG Spoiler
  174. ordering from procarparts
  175. Installing a wing CTR or the Mugen- JDM version... lots of pics
  176. replica type r kit on ebay
  177. which suld i do?
  178. DIY: Console Lights Color Swap
  179. Bodykits for EP3
  180. spoon spoiler
  181. damn seatbelt!!
  182. FYI- info on different body kit materials
  183. Problems with Shift Boot ??????
  184. Swapping seats PLEASE HELP!!
  185. Who makes????
  186. 3uddy clu3 spoiler
  187. Feel's #1 3odykit
  188. shiftboot fixed
  189. Jujeracing Leather/stitched boot
  190. Replacement HID look a likes?
  191. skirts or wing
  192. Idea!!!
  193. New Headlights-Thought you guys might like?
  194. Guage swap possible?
  195. Check this kit out
  196. Convert Shift Boot to JDM Type R?
  197. JDM non-hid projectors and Xenondepot?
  198. red steering wheel "H" is it a decal?
  199. painting headlights what dupont said
  200. Difficulty rating for HID's?
  201. mountain bike / snowboard roof rack
  202. interior lighting
  203. helms manual please??!!? hehe
  204. Sylvania 9003ST sivlverstars w/ 168 ambers, whites and polarg corners..
  205. Mugen grizill, question
  206. Carbon Fiber Lip
  207. Okay, here's some pics of a partially complete Fiber Images (D3) kit on my silver EP
  208. Confession! APC tails
  209. detailed pics of JDM Honda side skirts are here
  210. Wings West top spoiler installed..large pics
  211. dc civic body kit
  212. Just Bought JDM CTR boot.
  213. D3 Custom Dash Gauge Pod, can I get it?
  214. .shitfter light
  215. 107-107 sideskirts
  216. more space
  217. ATTN: mugen grill owners.....
  218. What Kit You Guys Think I Should Get
  219. ctr vs mugen spoiler
  220. seats ?
  221. Piaa 910
  222. Splitters?
  223. Replaced Shift knob
  224. Lowering the clutch
  225. tire enclosure pics.....finally
  226. Ignition start button
  227. Question about black headligh housing
  228. Grilltech lowergrill
  229. Replica CTR skirts?
  230. red door panel inserts
  231. Where 2 but JDM tailights??????
  232. momo shiftknobs
  233. buddyclub
  234. Better Light Bulbs!
  235. CTR Replica Wing!
  236. cf doors, fenders, hood, front bumper,rear hatch, and mirrors**PICS**56k go away**
  237. Anyone have the Mugen sports grill?
  238. Headlight condensation
  239. body kit help
  240. Who makes the body kit on the Sparco Civic
  241. Interior Lights
  242. Interior lights
  243. New GFX Edition Civic SiR
  244. need help!!! installing BC3 SKIRTS
  245. The New Si(R) Kit on a White EP. PICS 56k death
  246. sunroof closing halfway?
  247. suggestions please
  248. modified bc3 back bumper BOO OR okay...
  249. Blue Cup Holder LED
  250. Check What Goodies i got ..
  251. BuddyClub Kit???
  252. buddy club newb question
  253. does the 2003 civic si comes standard w/ floor mats?
  254. Razo Shift light *help*
  255. front bumper lights off Ebay what ones look the best?
  256. Anyone interested in embroidered headrests?
  257. Recognize this Body Kit??
  258. Alpine Demo Si @ Max Power Live UK
  259. I have a body kit question.
  260. i got a body kit question too...
  261. silverstars or vision plus?
  262. just bought the mugan style carbon fiber hood
  263. Help
  264. Aftermarket Steering Wheel?
  265. OEM Mud flaps with OEM type-r body kit ???
  266. EP3 US OEM skirt kit and wing set for AUG-SEPT release
  267. Guess what I got today!!..god I hope I'm the first!
  268. Just bought new Sparco seats!
  269. i got a new hood
  270. Factory Body Kit Parts Are Coming In Good Supply Now...
  271. ordering HIDs today, need HELP!!!
  272. Dents on steering wheel emblem??
  273. Mugen lip troubles
  274. Finally CFCTRW
  275. mounting Type-R lip
  276. Buddy Club Rear Wing????
  277. Question regardin to CTR lid
  278. Guages
  279. What do you call this ring/nut?
  280. CF Hoods
  281. Mugen Grill anyone? - eBay
  282. 3rdbrake light-tell me what ya think
  283. EP Factory Performance Package?
  284. Seat weight???
  285. Finally my fiber images carbon fiber kit is on.
  286. Mugen Lip!!!
  287. Mugen reps shipped from the UK
  288. Any updates on the the type-r replica kit??
  289. Type R wing
  290. Anyone Like this one?
  291. Help with door panels and dash....
  292. Window Vents
  293. Look at my JDM goodness.
  294. looking for mugen style wing
  295. BRIDE Seats
  296. Seat rails?
  297. Newly painted housing...
  298. Where can I get these lights
  299. wings west...
  300. cigarette lighter
  301. 24hr lights
  302. SUPER easy interior change
  303. EP3R shift boot installed in place of stock one...pics
  304. Got my wing today!
  305. Lower Front Lip and rear upper wing on Silver SiR- GFX Factory Parts..
  306. real mugen?
  307. Can anyone do this job?
  308. changing guage lights
  309. emblem problem
  310. ITR sidemarkers
  311. Replacement Light Part Numbers
  312. can you order the GFX wing from U.S. honda dealers>?
  313. Is this a true TYPE-R body kit?
  314. bumper lense bulb?
  315. Titanium Dash Kit?
  316. Urethane body kits who makes them yet?
  317. Couple of front ends that should be made.
  318. garage door opener button installed
  319. Cleaning the seats
  320. Canadian GFX Kits Discontinued As Parts...
  321. CTR side skirt... where?
  322. XenonDepot.com did me right
  323. Spoiler
  324. Spoon Mirrors?
  325. Look what i just ordered
  326. HID's illegal for sale?!?
  327. Homemade JDM-Style Tails DIY
  328. Bride vs. Recaro
  329. Carbon Mugen Style Wing Install...
  330. shift light install....sneaky
  331. mugen rep wing on ebay
  332. UK Flag
  333. Please help! Will DC5 RSX Type S fronat and rear seats directly swap into the SI?
  334. Attaching Sideskirts
  335. new gauges installed
  336. JDM Type R Headlights Question
  337. Anyone gut their interior TOTALLY?
  338. Gauge Pod
  339. torn seat bolsters?
  340. Material of JDM Buddy Club Side Skirts?
  341. extreme dimensions
  342. 5axis kit in slvr
  343. ATTN:People with JDM front bumpers
  344. Din Sized and cool?
  345. New Razo Pedals
  346. Sparco Grip Pedals, Pics inside...
  347. Blitz for 02 si?
  348. Blue Gauge Lights Swap complete
  349. weighted shift knobs
  350. jdm bumpe owners: mounting license plate