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  1. DC5 Recaro Seats into Ep3 mods
  2. Aftermarket steering wheel
  3. Will ep3 seats fit in integra?
  4. installing door panel inserts, help?!
  5. Floor Mat Anchor Part #??
  6. I made a boot!
  7. Mugen RearView Mirror Cover !!!
  8. Help with door panels...
  9. Mugen 5 Speed Shift Knob - Out of Stock
  10. where to buy uk mirror insert
  11. strutking pedals, what to do about hardwear?
  12. type r h steering wheel emb. p#
  13. aftermarket seat rails and seat belt buckle
  14. Interior removal help!
  15. Window Question. Tried a few things already!
  16. Racing seat / Sparco Steering wheel SRS Question
  17. 09 Civic SI Seats In Our Eps...
  18. I just finished my s2k start button install!!!! Yipeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Official Thread for Variant Replica Seat PICS!!!!!!!
  20. Rear Seat Backrest Mount
  21. Need Some Interor help
  22. Doors lock and unlock erratically with remote
  23. Rear View Mirror Removal Help!
  24. Side Airbag Off Light Comes on Sporadically - Should I be worried?
  25. Question?Dynamat?
  26. Cluster pinout for UKDM USDM
  27. ceiling cleaning?
  28. center console
  29. Passenger side air bag
  30. Carbon Fiber door panels?
  31. how can i fit aftermarket touch screen unit into the dash
  32. Auxiluary Gauges....
  33. OEM cargo cover?
  34. Saggy sun visor
  35. JDM DC2 ITR recaros....in the ep
  36. Stockinterior.com?
  37. Shift Knob Help!
  38. How do I prevent my shift boot from sliding down on my shift knob
  39. Silver Interior Trim Pieces To Be Changed To What Color?
  40. J's Racing blue gradation titanium shiftknob...does it fade?
  41. dash painting silver to black
  42. Deck Cover.
  43. Wink mirrors
  44. My Passenger Side Floor is Soaked??
  45. USDM rails on jdm seat
  46. Help!! Interior fan just stopped working
  47. Parents with Recaro ProRide baby seat ?
  48. Anyone know how to take out the carpet in the trunk?
  49. evo 9 recaros in ep?
  50. sparco fighter seat
  51. Switching to a non-SRS seat, how to fix the SRS Light?
  52. gauges; oil temp/pressuer and water temp
  53. DC5R Rear Seats
  54. replacing the rear wiper blade?
  55. Where to buy panel clips?
  56. Sickspeed shift knob? On Ebay or there website.
  57. momo steering wheel and quik release
  58. OMP Corsica steering wheel n Boss kit hub
  59. Stiff Gas Pedal?
  60. stock steering wheel and airbag
  61. Sound deadning removal?
  62. Power locks acting up.
  63. Floor Mat Question
  64. if anyone has recaro seats in their hatch let me see some pics
  66. Gauge Cluster plug part number
  67. Aftermarket seats + K-pro ??
  68. Evo 9 mr seats in an ep3
  69. How to remove rear hatch panel?
  70. key programming
  71. SRS light with new seats???
  72. 6 speed Shift Knob
  73. Defrost??
  74. Second power adapter plug???
  75. Seat Harnesses
  76. rear door panel removal please help have a dent on outside need to get sorted
  77. Door can't be opened from inside!
  78. small project with 3M CF vinyl
  79. Ep3 recaros
  80. Dash Lights Malfunctioning
  81. ep electrical problem?? :(
  82. Seat rail help
  83. Adding a lock to my glove box?
  84. hook up an amp to our stock radio?
  85. Genuine Mugen pedal rust?
  86. Hood Pop/Cable
  87. Wow, these OEM seats are narrow!!! Aftermaket?
  88. Sparco 3 point Harness
  89. dc5 black leather
  90. stock honda emblem
  91. what seat brackets to buy?
  92. post pics of your aftermarket seat!
  93. Blower motor Transistor install
  94. Anybody running an S2K steering wheel? I got a couple ???
  95. has anyone tried to replace the window run channel?(window seal)
  96. Ebay shift boot
  97. Bypass entire SRS system at the module?
  98. Steering Wheel H Replacement
  99. Does your dorr panels look faded?
  100. RSX-S back seat into an EP?
  101. Is my shift knob and boot supposed... to look like this?
  102. RHD JDM carpet in USDM EP3.
  103. Keyless entry for driver side doesn't work. Help!
  104. help!!!!!!!!! cluster ligths
  105. I know this RSX-S seat question has been answered but....
  106. Gauge location
  107. DRL Relay Location?
  108. Good Seats to Buy
  109. Painting door pulls, handle, and lock
  110. ep3 have floor mat anchor or not?
  111. Aftermarket Steering Wheel/Hub
  112. Best Racing/Street Seats for the $$$?
  113. Do u think this would work in our ep's?
  114. Replace passenger air vent...how?
  115. drivers side sun visor broken...how do i remove it?
  116. 1990 si seats fitting a 2005 si???
  117. Where is the a/c drain line located? Any pointers for cleaning our the a/c system?
  118. Witzs replica seats
  119. Custom Shift Boot
  120. Shift knob allignment
  121. Red carpet came in!!!
  122. Just bought aftermarket seats. Now how do I install them???
  123. i knew this day was coming!
  124. seat rail/mount?
  125. Shift Knob questions
  126. Shifter Bushings help?
  127. Buyer beware!!!! Weathertech Mats Suck!
  128. Auto Power 6 Point Roll cage Install issues
  129. spoon rearview mirror that fits ep3...in here!!!
  130. door lining adhesive?
  131. lower center console
  132. Black OEM EP3 Cluster
  133. Cluster light not bright enough or sometimes parts don't light up???
  134. Turn Signal help??
  135. toys/dolls do you have any??
  136. Tool to safely remove trim/interior pieces
  137. New seat and harness just came in!
  138. fuse for interior lights keeps blowing??????
  139. Gauge's!!!
  140. Iphone mount Tell me what u think
  141. Replacing driver's side window run channel...install tips?
  142. can we use universal shift boots on EP3? like momo's
  143. Lower Dash Question (UKDM vs USDM)
  144. oem side markers
  145. New Interior
  146. SRS bypass - aftermarket steering wheel
  147. Honda OEM part number needed
  148. Passenger side window gets stuck rolling up
  149. Nardi steering wheel adaptor?
  150. Steering column cover?
  151. Roll Cages
  152. White interior
  153. Passenger door lock actuator part number
  154. Ebrake handle removal ?
  155. Tweeter + door panel removal tips
  156. horn wont stop honking
  157. Anyone running a shifter extender ie. Circuit Hero?
  158. Restoring dash
  159. C Pillar Bar install help. sequence of the last steps
  160. Steering WheeL Grip
  161. ac dial lights are out
  162. Review: *New* Maven Countersunk Shift Knob
  163. how to make the horn work on a aftermarket steering wheel
  164. Matching Seat Rails with Aftermarket Seats?
  165. Aftermarket rails for oem seats?
  166. my newest blacked out interior
  167. .how do you remove the gas pedal?
  168. S2000 Cluster on EP3
  169. Harness's... are ebay ones no good?
  170. C-Pillar Buy?
  171. climate control wont stop?
  172. Buddy Club Short Shifter good for DD
  173. Seat belt sensor part #?
  174. OEM Euro R Accord CL7 Recaro
  175. Replacing driver side bottom seat cover
  176. Airbag light came on when I removed my seats and now it wont go away?!?!
  177. hazard button light?
  178. need some suggestions for seats..
  179. harness bar for camera mount ????????
  180. Cargo cover/lid/deck?
  181. A/c leak help!!!
  182. dc2 recaro seats
  183. Charging Cellphone While Ignition Is Off???
  184. Look at what I found in France!
  185. Interior light won't lit up when doors open?
  186. Good Carpet Source
  187. EP3 Mugen Mid bar
  188. DC5 Side bars in an EP3?
  189. red steering wheel emblems?
  190. Show off your window tint V.2
  191. DC5 R Type R e brake cover
  192. armrest anyone?
  193. Custom gauge cluster
  194. 06+ front seats in ep3
  195. what short shifter should i get ?????
  196. questions on everyone ealses ep3..
  197. Squeaky Seat Club
  198. Type S Seats - How to clear SRS?
  199. Drive door window rattle
  200. Does the OEM EM2 all weather floor mats fit in the ep3?
  201. I need moar headroom in my ep3!!
  202. Heat doesn't work unless driving
  203. cruise control for aftermarket wheel?
  204. Interior LED - What Size?
  205. Seat belt off alert/beep/light, how to turn off?
  206. Steering Wheel Options
  207. Why has no one made a carbon fiber headliner???
  208. need sum airbag help/info
  209. No horn
  210. Need help GOOGLE Does not have the answer!!!
  211. Deadrest options
  212. HELP how to get puke out of back seats????
  213. Headliner omit?
  214. gauge cluster question?
  215. broke my clock spring!!!
  216. UKDM type R dash gauge question
  217. knitted shift boot.
  218. last minute carpet opinion!?!?!
  219. Buddy Club short shifter Vs. Buddy Club short shifter and corsport bushings
  220. weight reduction?
  221. wink rally mirror
  222. Something i haven't seen on ephatch before
  223. Random question: Is there an optional UKDM type r gauge cluster?
  224. Steering Wheel Emblem Installation ?
  225. passenger seat
  226. Mugen EP3 Door Sill Garnish
  227. seat covers
  228. Hazard button relocation besides center console?
  229. installing new carpet
  230. Swapping cluster back grounds possible??
  231. Cluster lighting problems... Please help
  232. OEM steering wheel converted to a quick release setup?
  233. EP3 front seats in 03 Civic EX
  234. 2005 ep3 trunk wont open
  235. How I spent my morning...
  236. ****
  237. Hatch Panel, How to remove ?
  238. Replacement Spoon sport shift knob sticker
  239. Cruise control issue
  240. Seatbelt Pretentioner....confused on which part it is.
  241. Red leather shift boot
  242. Anybody have the Garage Defend shift knob?
  243. Racing harness question
  244. Will swapping seats throw a SRS light if I have side airbags?
  245. New oem floormats?
  246. handa accessories cigarette lighter?
  247. AC gone bad?
  248. Just Installed the type r cluster.. all climate control lights wont turn on..
  249. Cleaning seats
  250. BCSS shiftboot length
  251. Who's interested in buying an armrest?
  252. Seat covers
  253. Cigarette lighter fuse blown
  254. Auto Climate control swap possible?
  255. brides
  256. EP and RSX pretensioners the same??
  257. Buddy Club seat rail question
  258. Guys with aftermarket seat rails
  259. Quick releases and hubs!!!
  260. question about dashboard
  261. Floor liners?
  262. Fix scratched plastic?
  263. seat belt lifetime warranty?
  264. Wink mirror vibrations?
  265. faded/worn seat. what to do?
  266. Painting Dashboard?
  267. Blower motor resistor
  268. ep3 seatbelts installation problem
  269. Dent in steering wheel badge
  270. My driver side window , don't go down , and up ..
  271. Suede or leather wheel.
  272. I need some help . With my shifter box .
  273. Hatch area carpet mat
  274. Power Inverter Related to SRS Light???
  275. DC5 Pushstart kit fit on EP3?
  276. Cleaned the inside! Now...interior mods?
  277. Srs light came on :(
  278. Window Regulator
  279. rsx carpet
  280. Steering wheel gauge pod
  281. EP3 interior gut project
  282. Never noticed this..
  283. Ep3 seats in Ep1
  284. Anyone have heated seats?
  285. Bring some life back to my wheel.
  286. Add on Headrest Options?
  287. Factory steering wheel.
  288. cluster
  289. 8th Gen Steering wheel? Can we mount it up?
  290. EDM/UKDM CTR or S2K Instrument Cluster
  291. Replaced blown blower motor transistor, interesting thing is...
  292. Any Tips? Removing remaining Tar/Sound deadening
  293. DOOR LOCK ACTUATOR ASSY Driver Side part number#
  294. Glove box soaked
  295. Lower seat rails
  296. Official: Interior picture Thread
  297. Need help with Hooks
  298. need steering wheel hub help
  299. Need help on deciding which steering wheel to get. MOMO or NRG
  300. Replacement cluster bulbs
  301. CTR Seats in something other than red
  302. New Mugen seats!!!
  303. shift knob in the works
  304. EP3 CTR seats ?!?
  305. floor mat help? advice
  306. HELP!!!! Dash removal.
  307. cluster
  308. shift knob help
  309. Type r seats
  310. Stock Alcantara Steering Wheel
  311. Recaro material or recaro style
  312. Relocating Hazard switch
  313. 2005 Accord shift knob instal
  314. Racing harness
  315. tired of the kpro key immobolizer light? i am, WAS!
  316. dorman door lock actuators suck @$$
  317. Steering wheel setup??!!!
  318. Washed Car, Now Airbag Light Is On?
  319. Gauge cluster needles????
  320. Steering wheel cleaning and what not
  321. Di keeping your floor mats clean!
  322. Apple/Android Tablet as Main Interface
  323. Any blower motor upgrades?
  324. passanger windows keeps blowing fuses!!
  325. My gauge install and wiring clean up...
  326. Immobilizer Override brake code
  327. Passanger door lock jammed??
  328. My "JDM" shift boot!!!
  329. E break Issue
  330. How to remove ep shift box and cup holder console.PLEASE HELP ASAP!
  331. Gauge Placement Showoff.
  332. Cusco B-Pillar bars in Ep3
  333. air bag light on for 2 years
  334. Continuous actuator problem
  335. water leaking in floor board
  336. Trunk open light stays on when closed! HELP!!!!
  337. will honda s2000 seats fit in an ep3?
  338. s2000 Ap2 Cluster + Wireworx Magic Box = ECT (high IDLE)
  339. Scangauge II instead of seperate gauges
  340. custom headliner
  341. custom headliner
  342. Any ideas for lowering drivers seat?
  343. Finished my dash
  344. door locks
  345. gauge wiring?
  346. arm rest dimensions
  347. airbag bypass
  348. Uninstalling the S2000 Start Engine Button: How?
  349. Ep3r random plug?!?!?
  350. Replacing a steering wheel, what are my options?