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  1. K24 Frankenstein EP, more pics and such
  2. My Entry to the BIGBLOCK Club
  3. K-series engine Information
  4. K24a Swap info.
  5. K24a1 Swap
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  7. TSX Engine swap not starting
  8. Swap ??
  9. k20a2 swap?
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  11. Everything you need to swap an a2 into an EP
  12. k24a1+a2/z1/3 head: Built or Stock?
  13. k24a4 / k24a1??
  14. Common K24 questions answered
  15. k24a1 head on k20a3 is this possible?
  16. high compression K24
  17. Sensor Location and part#s for K20/24
  18. what trans will / can you use with the ep?
  19. My K24a1 Swap Pics!! (56K Go-A-Way)
  20. Key reprogram for swap
  21. K24a4 Swap (accord) - Whats Needed
  22. K20z1 Swap Q's
  23. K24a2/k20z3
  24. k20A in houston
  25. K20A2/K24A2 Current Pricing....
  26. Hytech A2 oil pan baffle
  27. some k24 questions
  28. Where to buy k20a2?
  29. K24a2...Yea or Nay??
  30. K24 w/PRB head
  31. k24 pros and cons
  32. Engine Debate - Swap Genuises Please Come
  33. k20 or k24 with greddy boost kit
  34. A3 Cams In K24a1
  35. A3 Alternator & Starter on A2?
  36. k20a swap
  37. k20a2 swap - 5 speed pros and cons?
  38. K20A2 Exhaust
  39. Requirements for K20A2 swap?
  40. Buying a k20A2?
  41. my k24a1 is in
  42. K20Z3 swap help
  43. K24a2 Questions
  44. Swapped ep's - anyone running an ingalls ETD?
  45. Modified K24A2 Coolant Outlet
  46. help please...transmission build questions
  47. k20z1+jrsc-r+k-pro=i/rh/full exhaust
  48. How much money for a built poorman K24A2?
  49. Opinions? Best engine for an EP3?
  50. RDX Engine?
  51. k24z1
  52. Clockwise Motion A2 oil pan baffle
  53. Converting a Z3 Trans to work with the EP
  54. A economic swap (mpg)?
  55. RDX K23 Engine - info -
  56. A2 Head Swap
  57. 1st time swapper
  58. k20 longblock
  59. Map sensor on a RBC mani
  60. RSX base?
  61. k24a1 swap
  62. Sweet!
  63. which sparks plugs should use on a turbo k24a1
  64. where to find a k24a1 block
  65. one more question about the k24a1 before purchase
  66. Another spark plug thread...
  67. Type -s tranny rpm vs 5 speed.
  68. help on engine light diagnosis...
  69. tranny
  70. A/C compressor from RSX base
  71. K20Z3 Intake Manifold Clearance in EP3
  72. k20a2?
  73. k20 type R vs.K24
  74. k20a2 swap??
  75. A2 Head on A3 Block, anyone??
  76. i finished my swap! :no pics yet sorry:
  77. k20z3 swap
  78. cerametalic clutch discs
  79. Help...Somethings binding on my swap
  80. to swap the k24a1 in now or do it later?
  81. my k24 swap thread
  82. k24a1 with a2 head reliability and other questions?
  83. k24a1 and miles
  84. K24 + Race Header
  85. to machine head or not too....
  86. 6 speed tranny?
  87. k24a1 vs k24z1 head
  88. k20z3 swap questions/help/opinions
  89. My K24A1 is finally here
  90. Questions about the lean issue...
  91. Supercharged K24A1
  92. K24 Head Swap?
  93. full race k24
  94. k20a2 full swap
  95. k24a1 or k20a2?
  96. Need help picking out my engine for a swap.
  97. Base Auto RSX Engine Harness on EP3
  99. Thinking about building the bottom end...
  100. Money is not an option. Your swap choice?
  101. what should i do??
  102. K20A2 headers vs Aftermarket
  103. What Swap Should I Get FAQ
  104. Thinking about doing a K24A1 Swap...
  105. a2 internals in a3 block
  106. where to buy k24 parts
  107. Good price for a K20A?
  108. F20c...?
  109. Compendium of Swapped EP Info
  110. my weakest link: k20a3 block
  111. NEED HELP PLEASE WITH MY K24a2????????
  112. K24a1 & greddy
  113. TSX Pistons & Rods
  114. my a2 build....shadowmd
  115. K24a4
  116. whats the best shop to buy a whole k20a?
  117. Coonecting rods
  118. Need help ? What to do
  119. k24a2 gotta read!
  120. Reasons you need a swap over a supercharger
  121. K20/K24 Frank Setup
  122. Thinking of a swap over the winter...
  123. Built engine reliability
  124. Looking into doing a k20a swap into 2002 ep3
  125. k24a4 vs k20a3
  126. K24A2 Potential?
  127. please help diagnosing coolant leak
  128. k24a2 what whp will i be making
  129. England vs Japan built k24a1
  130. RSX-S 05-06 K20Z1 into 2005 EP3
  131. What Size belt?
  132. k20a full swap..need advice on ny inspection
  133. K24a1 swap into a 2002 EP3_Basic questions
  134. EP3 + k24/20 + BC Header = issue
  135. nbody got that thread on how to a2 the a3 valvetrain
  136. hmmmm
  137. Which intake for a k24a2 and tsx IM?
  138. Prices and place to shop for K24a4??
  139. stick to my k20a3?or switch it up?
  140. Piston Ring info
  141. k24 swap ?
  142. questions with A3 Swap Combo
  143. K20a3 head swap
  144. Idler Pulley snapped along with Serpentine Belt!!
  145. RSX-S 6Speed Trans
  146. Map sensor issue on K24a2?
  147. k20a2 head swap?
  148. k24/k20 frank w/ 5 speed - what rpm for vtec?
  149. k24a1 head swap? help plz
  150. HyTech Cams III for my frank?
  151. hey whats up
  152. VSS on RSX S 6 speed
  153. 06 SI Trans
  154. KPRO'd ECU for k24/k20
  155. head swap?
  156. too many choices. help me out?
  157. Hey california guy thinking of building a...
  158. Coolant diverter part #
  159. k24a2 thermostat
  160. k20z1 swap
  161. terrible noise
  162. What to do?
  163. k24/20 swap
  164. k24a2 swap coming soon
  165. Recover K24A2 swap thread?
  166. which throttle body is right/best?
  167. can a reflashed stock ecu (PNF) run k20a2
  168. Build in the making
  169. Think with your Dipstick!
  170. awd swap
  171. Big Block Gurus, help needed! -Bearing issues.
  172. K24a8
  173. Finally decided to do a valve lash
  174. dude i need help!
  175. This block worth buying?
  176. k24 swap
  177. 5-lug rear swap problem. eBrake light coming on while driving!
  178. K24A2 Swap Comments
  179. K24A2 Swap Questions
  180. Help me decide which swap to do
  181. frank setup?
  182. k20a2 into ep, belts different?
  183. Running a k20a2 without Kpro
  184. GOT some STUFF for SALE take A look
  185. k20a2 swap is in the future but i have questions
  186. k24a1 vs k24a4..better?........what swap you rocking and why?
  187. Modified K24A2 Coolant Outlet
  188. k24 finally got tuned
  189. CAN I RUN K24A4 OIL PUMP?? k24a4 swap
  190. k24a8
  191. My k20z1 swap 56K I hope it worth it
  192. Swap or Not
  193. k24a2 swapped with a few bugs
  194. ECU question???
  195. Where do people buy their swaps
  196. 02ep3si New motor build
  197. looking to do a swap any ideas?
  198. Just Bought a K20Z1... NEW.
  199. Quick questions about k20, k24 swapable parts
  200. Swapped a 2004 Type S
  201. huh... WTH?!
  202. Oil pump swap to K20z3
  203. Fair pricing for swap/Cost Effective Swap?
  204. K24A2/K20A2 Smooth
  205. k20a2 swap ?
  206. Dkid15's new build going in tonight!!
  207. K20a2 nhbp ep3!!!
  208. need help with k24 swap!!
  209. K20A2 Complete Swap into 2003 EP3 - ECU Question
  210. new to this just bought a k24a1 for
  211. got 5k to put under my hood need ideas!
  212. bouncing / high Idle problem
  213. Favor to ask: Carfax Hookup?
  214. another Swap question
  215. JDM K20A Type R Swap - JDM Header Clearance on OEM Front Sway Bar
  216. My first K swap/Build
  217. burning oil
  218. K20a swap.
  219. Shop's in SoCal
  220. cheapest/simplest way to get:
  222. k20a3 with type-s head
  223. K24 SWAP info needed.
  224. K24a8 swap questions and opinions.
  225. K20Z1 into my 02 EP3, what will I need?
  226. Odyssey Absolute Swap
  227. K20a2 cams in a k20a3?
  228. k24a1 frank lacks top end?
  229. Who drives or has ran
  230. K24a1 Legal in California?
  231. Shop Cost for a Swap?
  232. water temp sensor
  233. Looking for some clarification
  234. k24a1 Type-S Head - Questions - header - oil filter
  235. PND on a stock EP3??? Yay or Nay?
  236. K24A2 + Comptech Supercharger
  237. Head code for K20a?
  238. k24a1/k20a2 Vs K20a2 Dyno comparison
  239. Best swap/combo for the ep3
  240. Switching octane
  241. k24a2 swap + RBB manifold: will my AEM V2 CAI still fit after the swap ?
  242. Bolt-on k24a1, Must upgrade clutch?
  243. K24a2 donor engine: does it matter if donor car is automatic or manual ?
  244. CC Stage 4 too much for a bolt-on k24a1
  245. race header or header and test pipe combo with k24a1
  246. I got a k24a1 block
  247. pic request...k24a2 with rbb and ep3 tb
  248. swap head k20a2
  249. K24a2 turbo swap
  250. .k24a2 swap DOs & DON'Ts
  251. k24a2 cold air intake?
  252. So this is what torque feels like!
  253. headwork - where do you send it?
  254. K24a4 block k24a2 head
  255. Rebuilding the K24A2 Head
  256. what are the potentials of this swap ..... semi built k24a4 with k24a2 head
  257. Where's the guide to k20a2 into EP3 swaps??
  258. help me decide what to buy.
  259. Benefits?
  260. TOP or BOTTOM... Whats better?
  261. automatic K24a2 question ?
  262. Engine Storage
  263. So... Most Bang for the $$$ Could just be a head away?... :-b
  264. K24a1 Build Questions
  265. I need some much needed head swap info, if anybody could please help !!!
  266. K24a1 on ep3 ecu with reflash
  267. First swap, doing a quick checklist
  268. JDM dipstick
  269. WOOT!!! I DID IT....... now what??
  270. Help k24 swap
  271. K24A2 Cai solution ?
  272. RBB manifold and Karcepts adapter..issue...
  273. RBC with aftermarket TB
  274. RBC mani with what intake??
  275. thinking about doing a frank
  276. K24a2 for 1850?!
  277. K24 or a2 head on a3 block?
  278. Papitu
  279. K24 and faulty o2 sensor ?
  280. k24a4 HELP!!!!!!!!
  281. Does anyone know if where I can buy just the Hasport CRV Passenger motor mount??
  282. k24a8 on my 02 ep3
  283. what belt on frank build?
  284. EP3 w/ K20A swap O2 Sensor Trouble
  285. Gettin ready for my swap few parts questions
  286. k20a2 swap! engine rebuild questions...
  287. k24a1 + jdm k20a valve train???????
  288. Oil pump on k24a1
  289. EP3 K20A2 engine swap******** HELP**********
  290. what engine should i swap in my ep2?
  291. k20a2 swap can the old headers and exhaust come?
  292. Frankinstein engine help
  293. k24a1 head vs k20a2 head swap
  294. K24Z3 swap???
  295. K24a1 head on my a3
  296. k20z3 swap in my 2002 ep3
  297. k24a2 Coolant port tapping and fitting size
  298. headers invidia vs skunk2 swap k24a2
  299. VTEC Killer vs. K24a1 Swap
  300. K20A3 From RSX-Base
  301. Help!! tsx rbb to prb(ep3) manifold swap, problems starting
  302. Need me an engine hoist... Where to go?
  303. since I've been stolen by peakboost...bare K20A2 into ep3
  304. ecu info
  305. 05 k24a2 76k miles $875
  306. K20z3 Go right in?
  307. K20a3 block k20a2 head????
  308. reliability of k20a3 vtec killer
  309. kind of a longshot of a swap
  310. Swap Rust?... What to do?
  311. k24 swap to ep3 need my a/c line custom made anybody know who/where help.
  312. RDX injectors on a k24a2
  313. k20z3 swap diy!!
  314. K24A1 & K20A3 Trans?
  315. any diffrence
  316. what belt on 2005 tsx whitout ac condensor?
  317. Where to start... rebuilding my friends 03 Civic Si
  318. how can you tell if an engine is really a 2007 k24a2 TSX engine?
  319. Swap Noise.... What does it sound like to you?
  320. can i swap an a8 on an ep3?
  321. Clutch question for k20a2 with 5 speed
  322. Want to get an idea on what a swap would cost?
  323. Valve cover is the A3 the same as the A4
  324. Question about k20 swap!?!
  325. Best/cheapest NA swap?
  326. EP3 Water Pump... Same as K24A1?
  327. KRRH/CRSX RH/BWRH With K24 swap
  328. Pulling motor out the top
  329. timing chain
  330. to swap or not that is the question
  331. k24 z3
  332. Honda Tuning Civic project Head work
  333. k20a2/z1 or k24a2?
  334. k24a1 or k24a4
  335. K23a1 swap... possible???
  336. K20a2 with Mugen ecu and emissions
  337. K24A2 is in!!!!
  338. k24a2 wont start
  339. type s swap questions...
  340. fuel rail on rbc
  341. Ok so my motor has finally been ordered and will be here tomorrow !!!!
  342. k20a2 head swap possible with out k-pro?
  343. I have questions about swapping a motor.
  344. battery not charging?
  345. k20a2 ecu
  346. So... A few questions before I swap...
  347. k24a2 throwing codes
  348. any diffrence between k24a2 block and a1 block?
  349. help im looking for a trhead
  350. K24A2 02 Sensor