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  1. DIY: Polyurethane filled stock motor mounts
  2. DIY: Aluminum Shifter Bushings
  3. DIY: Rear Wiper Modification
  4. DIY: USDM Shift Boot to JDM Style
  5. DIY: Shift Boot Cover Removal
  6. DIY: Mugen Grill install
  7. DIY: i-WERKS custom dash kit by siver-SI
  8. DIY: SPC Rear camber kit install
  9. DIY: Valve adjustment guide
  10. DIY: Hondata Intake Manifold Gasket install
  11. DIY: Shorty header install
  12. DIY: JDM "style" valve cover
  13. DIY: How to change cabin air filter (easy)
  14. DIY: How to change Transmission Oil (MTF)
  15. DIY: AEM CAI intake
  16. DIY: Black out painted Headlights
  17. DIY: OEM Accessory Install Instruction PDFs
  18. DIY: Cleaning the IAC
  19. Diy: HID Install
  20. DIY: Turn off 'Maintenance Required' light
  21. DIY: JDM style sidemarkers (dyed fender sidemarkers)
  22. DIY: Putting a1 shafts into z3 pump
  23. DIY: Clutch/Flywheel/Rear Main
  24. DIY: K24a1 swap
  25. DIY: Disable pushing in clutch for startup
  26. DIY: Walbro fuel pump install
  27. DIY: Power Plenum Install
  28. DIY: Modifying stock injectors (increasing flow rate)
  29. DIY: S2000 Start button
  30. DIY: header install
  31. DIY:Oil sending unit
  32. Service Manual
  33. DIY: Rear wiper removal
  34. DIY: Stock Steering Wheel Removal
  35. DIY: Cluster Removal
  36. DIY: Ep3 wiring Diagrams
  37. DIY: 02'-03' to 04'-05' signals
  38. DIY: SRS light reset
  39. DIY: electric grounding system - ''nrg''
  40. DIY: HID Harness for 02/03
  41. DIY: Bleeding clutch line
  42. DIY: door lock actuator
  43. DIY: Torque Specifications
  44. DIY: Mechanical O2 sim
  45. DIY: Defi Control Unit + Boost Gauge
  46. DIY: Alarm and remote start.....
  47. DIY: Idle Relearn Procedure
  48. DIY: Mac-mini Carputer
  49. DIY: Trunk Liner
  50. DIY: Important/Popular Sticky Links - READ ME
  51. DIY: Cleaning the brown/black exhaust stain on the bumper
  52. DIY: Differential Swap
  53. DIY: HFP Hatch Spoiler
  54. DIY - Ebay Fog Switch to LED's
  55. DIY: GReddy Turbo Timer install
  56. Post your Garage/Shop/Where You Get It Done
  57. DIY: Oil Pan Removal
  58. DIY: intercooler alcohol/water spray.
  59. DIY: UKDM Type R tail lights and bumper removal (7/31 - Pics added)
  60. DIY: Rear Sway Bar
  61. DIY: Rear Discs/Rotors
  62. DYI: Adjusting CMC Pushrod Throw
  63. DIY: Blitz Ipod Inteface
  64. DIY: Painting e-brake button/removing center console/tightening the ebrake 56k nope
  65. DIY: Black spray painted wheels (not stockies)
  66. DIY: PSP Navigation
  67. DIY: Intalling complete exhaust.
  68. DIY: 'Free' front license plate relocation
  69. DIY: a 05+ VSS/Transmission in an 02-04 Car
  70. DIY: Depo Projector Headlights Retrofit TSX HID
  71. DIY: 3M Headlight Restoration
  72. DIY: Window Channel Replacement
  73. DIY: Repair/Prep Carbon Fiber Hood
  74. DIY: Leakdown test for your ep3
  75. DIY: Garage Door Lip Install
  76. DIY: Front Tow Hook.
  77. DIY: Valve Clearance Check / Adjustment
  78. DIY Valvetrain (courtesy Erik Loza CRSX)
  79. DIY: EP3R Side Skirt Install on 04/05 USDM EP3
  80. DIY: SSR Rear Re-bar Modified for JDM Bumper Install
  81. DIY: UKDM cluster installation (with temp sensor)
  82. DIY: headlight re-finishing blah to bling again
  83. DIY: Fix Ugly Visors
  84. DIY: 5 Lug Swap Conversion - 02/03 ep with 02/03 DC5 Type S Parts
  85. DIY: 05' Rearseats Removal **MY WAY**
  86. DIY: Cupholder LED light (Batman here I come)
  87. DIY: Coilovers
  88. DIY: $3.50 CAI Splash Guard
  89. DIY: Volvo Lip (1990-1994 VOLVO 740 N 940)
  90. DIY: Sealed window removal, windshield, rear window and port windows
  91. DIY: UKDM styled USDM tails W/ integrated fog
  92. DIY: Legit rear wiper removal with part #
  93. DIY: Poor Mans Alarm
  94. DIY: Stop your Racelands from clunking.
  95. DIY Sidemarker Tint
  96. DIY: A-Spec Suspension on ep3
  97. DIY: "Carbon" door pulls for $8
  98. DIY: OEM fogs to work with parking and high beams
  99. DIY: custom cold air stock airbox
  100. DIY: Canned Air Dent Removal
  101. DIY: aluminum shifter cable bushing install
  102. DIY aluminum shifter base bushings install
  103. DIY : Ebay push to start button (4 wire)
  104. DIY: Stripping Valve Cover
  105. DIY: EP3 OEM Fog Light Install w/ Template
  106. DIY : rsx-s cluster into EP3
  107. DIY: Red seat inserts in Ep3 stock seats.
  108. DIY: 100 Dollar Straight Pipe Axleback
  109. DIY : 04-05 to 02-03 tails
  110. DIY: JDM EP3 Steering Wheel
  111. DIY Window regulator
  112. DIY: shift boot replace
  113. DIY: Carbon Fiber wrap 3M DI-NOC installion (Center Dash)
  114. DIY: Cheapy Air intake
  115. DIY: squeaky clutch fix // clutch push rod adjustment
  116. DIY: HID kit (low Beam) into Depo projectors / 2003 ep3
  117. DIY: Headlight Restore
  118. DIY: chassis/body bracing!
  119. DIY: Cleaning Recaro Seats
  120. DIY: JDM Red Honda Badges Renewed with pictures.
  121. DIY: CTR Steering wheel install
  122. DIY: Depo Headlight Projectors 04-05. 56K dont approach!
  123. DIY: Radio/Center Dash Removal
  124. DIY: Trunk mat 30$
  125. DIY: Painting clear bumper lights yellow/amber.
  126. DIY: CTR non-projector head light rewire
  127. DIY: AC off with defrost setting
  128. DIY: Rear Under Bumper Painting
  129. DIY: Transmission Fluid Change
  130. DIY: OEM Fog Light Adjustment
  131. DIY: VTEC System Troubleshoot
  132. DIY: Flip Key Remote for Honda si 02-03
  133. DIY: Custom AN braided fuel hoses/lines & return system for the EP3
  134. DIY: Shift Boot Collar *FREE*
  135. DIY: Clutch Master Cylinder (CMC) Replacement, Ton O Pics!
  136. DIY: Steering Wheel Leather Cleaning
  137. DIY: Rear LCA install
  138. DIY: Hood Prop Rod Holder
  139. DIY: Install EP3 UK Type R mirrors
  140. DIY: Rear windshield washer spray trick.
  141. DIY: JDM Fog Installation Instructions
  142. DIY Black Headlight Housings , full post !
  143. DIY: Idle Air Assist Valve Delete
  145. DIY: BuddyClub extended ball joints install
  146. DIY: SRS Light
  147. DIY homemade JDM Shift Boot!!!
  148. DIY: (VIDEO) EP3Si/Sir clutch replacement
  149. DIY: Extended Wheel Studs
  150. DIY: Ultimate Custom CAI Airbox Mod - *Spoon Style*
  151. DIY homemade JDM Shift Boot
  152. DIY: Replace cigarette lighter with USB car charger (not your typical plug and play!)
  153. DIY: Timing Chain Tensioner Replacement
  154. DIY - All Wiring Diagrams
  155. Diy ! Ukdm ctr steering wheel mod
  156. DIY Overheating K24a2 or K20Z3 Bleed process
  157. DIY Burnt Tips / Bluing
  158. DIY Custom Emblems/Acetone Wash
  159. DIY : type r signal mirrors wiring matching!
  160. Cruise Control Light Fix DIY
  161. DIY: USDM rear rebar to run JDM rear bumper mod
  162. DIY: Complete S2000 AP2 cluster swap (ver. TL)
  163. DIY: A universal guide of door sills installation
  164. EPS Steering rack removal and overhaul
  165. Rear brakes
  166. DIY: How to clean steering wheel red stitch!
  167. Rear hatch window conversion?
  168. DIY: Window Regulator replacement
  169. Front and rear control arm torque specs?
  170. DIY Mugen (Fiberworx) Radiator Duct install for pre-facelift EP3, Type R in JDM or
  171. New here need some help
  172. DIY New Feed Line and Using stock feed line as a Return
  173. Flip Key
  174. How to install fuel pump Deatschwerks DW65c PDF file
  175. 06 si tranmission (k20z3) with 02-04 rsx s bell housing?
  176. K20A3 Replacement Cylinder Head
  177. EP3 Coolant change
  178. Ep3 ABS sensors on 02 RSX-S knuckles HELP!!!!
  179. Quick Question!
  180. EP3 Type-R brakes to EP3 Si
  181. Location of power transistor
  182. DIY: Brake booster vacuum line tuck
  183. DIY: Fiberglass sub boxes
  184. rear add-on spoiler