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  1. official transmission problems petition thread.
  2. Tranny Fluid
  3. K-Series Transmission Table
  4. Unlisted transmission part numbers -- individual synchros etc.
  5. Quaife LSD's are now in stock
  6. Clutch and Flywheel Set-up
  7. Transmission - Important Stickes!
  8. Clutch
  9. tranny help
  10. How Long
  11. HELP: Tips for Smoother Shifts in the High RPMs
  12. Installed Buddy Club SS
  13. Stage 3 Clutch ??
  14. Adding TSX 6th gear to A3 tranny
  15. K-Series Transmission Table
  16. Correcting clutch throwout geometry on stg3+
  17. Has anyone had their transmission/synchros replaced post-warranty?
  18. transmission swap
  19. gears popping out???
  20. lsd and final drive install
  21. For all you haters....(OBX LSD)
  22. Clutch grabs too high.
  23. Transitioning from a 5 speed to 6
  24. clutch and flywheel
  25. got the 3rd gear grind
  26. dc5 lsd
  27. transmision fluid
  28. clutch chatter?
  29. Loud bang?
  30. k20a2 on k20a3 rpm question...
  31. Exedy stg 2 clutch gone?
  32. EP3 tranny potential
  33. Want slick gearbox feel! BCSS? Bushings? Both?
  34. how do you think this combo would go
  35. What's the price of a new clutch + Labor.
  36. fluid type...
  37. What flywheel to get
  38. swaping 5 speed for 6 problems
  39. tranny probs? is it only me?
  40. Short shifter
  41. finally put my clutch and flywheel in with a bcss
  42. type s tranny
  43. Transmission: It won't down shift!
  44. shifting into second
  45. ooo look what came today
  46. I should have gotten a better clutch.
  47. anoying!!!
  48. Using DC5 clutch instead of Ep3 clutch?
  49. Rykos tranny is F*CKING up
  50. High load pp and stage 1 clutch
  51. master cylinder/slave cylinder clutch who knows.....
  52. Buddy Club SS bushing?
  53. 6 speed interchangeability
  54. tranny being weird
  55. Cant Shift into 4th
  56. Tech - K20 Transmissions
  57. 6-Speed?
  58. Tranny Chatter
  59. 3rd gear problem again...
  60. Help! weird clicking noise when engine is running. :(
  61. Help with adjusting clutch pedal?
  62. Wavetrac install
  63. cannot shift into ANY gears.
  64. Shifting early bad for the tranny/engine?
  65. 2003 rsx-s trans
  66. is this a good clutch
  67. ARRGH!! CLutch squeek!!! HElpZorz!
  68. driving in reverse
  69. need a good recomendation
  70. please fourth gear is way too stiff
  71. 1st 3rd 5th gears stiff
  72. My clutch install.
  73. Installing six speeds baby yeah
  74. tranny popping/creaking...
  75. Stock Clutch limit?
  76. 6 speed lock out
  77. Tranny Swap
  78. Buddy Club SS install / Cable help!
  79. tranny problems
  80. 06 base and Z1 tran?
  81. 4th gear gone?
  82. Called Honda Co. about my fourth gear going out..
  83. clutch and fly weel
  84. DC5-r lsd
  85. K20A2 swap shifter modification
  86. Shifter cables!!!!!!
  87. Can't shift into gears
  88. Trans. swap
  89. transmission mount needs to be replaced
  90. Help, Can't shift into reverse after swap
  91. Clutchmasters Flywheel Weight?
  92. broken tranny easily fixed???
  93. my tranny re-build
  94. clutch issue
  95. Soft clutch pedal
  96. Jerky Shifting and what happened to my hot knife through butter shifter?
  97. Final Drive Gear Changeable?
  98. Turbo clutch recommendations
  99. Six speed speedometer gear
  100. Slave cylinder adjustment
  101. buddy club shifter??
  102. Bcss help please!
  103. Aftermarket Clutch Master Cylinder????
  104. tranny? rebuild or buy new one.
  105. Tranny question!!!!
  106. Some tranny questions
  107. truth or BS?
  108. help! tranny's whining and clutch is grinding
  109. Tranny Fluid?
  110. Bypass clutch switch, anyone have DIY?
  111. Tomorrow i change my tranny fluid.. quick question
  112. 1->2nd gear grind..
  113. Speed sensor clicking.
  114. putting together a clutch/pp/fly kit for a bolt-on a3 DD
  115. Frustration,...Couldn't make a clean pass
  116. how bad could gear lube be??
  117. Huh.....ran across this....
  118. falling out of gear
  119. Transmission Noise HELP!!!!!!!!
  120. Oh Boy...
  121. Tranny flushh
  122. CMC replaced, now I get an awesome noise when warming up
  123. Synchros? CMC? Argh! :)
  124. Do you like the stock clutch pedal?
  125. 6 speed transmission help!!!!!!
  126. Overfilled Transmission Fluid?
  127. what kind of lsd?!?!
  128. MTEC Shift Lever Springs
  129. Tranny case possibly funk'd?
  130. Official tsx 6th gear thread in ep3 5 speed
  131. HELP THIS WEEKEND trans took a s%$T found RSX-base to swap in, WILL IT WORK?
  132. 6 speed mod??
  133. Competition Clutch question
  134. NOT saling.. but what is my transmission worth..?
  135. quick question on CC stage2
  136. z3 trans wont work?????
  137. MTF Suggestions?
  138. 04-05 Axles... need verification
  139. guys need some help!!! trans or cluth problem
  140. Really weird problems shifting gears
  141. the click finally happened
  142. Help
  143. wont shift into 3rd gear or 5th helpppp!!
  144. Red Line Tranny fluid
  145. Exedy Stage 1 Organic Problems - Thoughts?
  146. Grind from 2nd to 3rd.. Synchros? Master?
  147. F1 Clutch?
  148. Clicking during accel from stop...
  149. front-end wobbles during acceleration - Clutch also needs to be replaced
  150. k20a3 with k20a2 tranny
  151. 6 speed swap?
  152. clutch issues
  153. Going to replace CMC... but which one?
  154. Grinding like noise from the transmission
  155. Short throw shifters
  156. what did i do?!
  157. High speed Shifting
  158. Aftermarket axles?????
  159. Help: Looking for a competent shop for a 6 speed swap. Bay area
  160. 360WTQ > tranny
  161. Stock Flywheel Weight?
  162. Lockout of gears when car is running
  163. Recommended gear oil and transmission fluid
  164. Buddy Club discontinued EP3 spec Short Shifters?
  165. FA 6 speed in EP?
  166. bolt ripped out!!!
  167. Do i need a new clutch?
  168. What Flywheel Is This??
  169. driveability with LSD?? Any way to check???
  170. Need help choosing clutch
  171. TSX 6th gear questoin
  172. MTEC shifter springs
  173. Wont go into reverse with car running
  174. Synchromesh vs Oem honda tranny flud?
  175. Obx lsd
  176. Short Shifters and the damage they cause
  177. Ac Autotechnic's Short Shifter?
  178. Shop price question
  179. Need Left and Right Axles - What are the options?
  180. axle/intermediate shaft
  181. Tranny Grinding
  182. clutch problems
  183. Neuspeed shifter install?
  184. Info request for dog box transmissions?
  185. clutch?
  186. 6 speed trans help
  187. thinking bout buying new clutch
  188. BCSS Adapter
  189. EP3 and DC5 Tranny mount
  190. My gears are grinding -.- help.
  191. EP3 RSX transmission electrical problems HELP!
  192. My Trans Finally blew...
  193. Axle Seal Replacement?
  194. AKEP's Transmission Rebuild
  195. Short Shifters
  196. no fourth gear....
  197. EP3 WONT GO INTO 1st or 2nd - CABLES?
  198. Synchronizers the same for all K-series Trans
  199. Wtf?!?!
  200. I bought my car a few months ago and I'm wondering.
  201. 2nd Gear Grind
  202. What to fill the tranny with?
  203. z3 tranny highway speeds?
  204. cosport bushings?
  205. Limited Slip Differential AKA LSD
  206. noise during shift
  207. Im lost ....need help asap
  208. Are driver side and passenger side axles the same?
  209. Cracked clutch housing on 6 speed, will 5spd work?
  210. has anyone tried the F1 RACING's clutch master cylinder/ slave cylinder replacement?
  211. ep3 and rsxs mate
  212. type r clutch and si gear box
  213. Broken shifter cables need help
  214. EP with after market LSD.... What tranny oil did u use?
  215. clutch pedal issue
  216. Air Puff in clutch?
  217. question for Buddy Club Short Shifter owners
  218. need help with axles
  219. wheres all the power?! help
  220. soo my ep has been grinding 3rd gear for 8 years now..
  221. Transmission choices
  222. can use the ep3 a3 clutch with a2 tranny
  223. 2004 SI Hatch Trans problem
  224. EP3R Gear 2 problem!
  225. The old 3rd gear grind. Need mechanic
  226. URGENT: Half-shaft popped out of my tranny. Need help asap.
  227. Urgent transmission help !
  228. hard to shift !
  229. cv axle removal/install
  230. Kswap clutch line work on ep?
  231. Transmission noise whilst engine braking..CTR Ep3
  232. six speed k24
  233. It clicks bad!
  234. So, I couldn't shift into 5th or reverse, and find this:
  235. Help new exedy clutch slip
  236. best transmission swap with lsd
  237. HELP!! clutch problem!
  238. problem help! Difficult to shift into 4th gear
  239. noise from transmission while in netrual
  240. Funky Fourth Gear
  241. So look what happened to my clutch...kinda weird
  242. Threaded bolt hole, GREAT...
  243. Lsd
  244. Master cylinder instantly giving up?
  245. transmission question
  246. Please Help Problems with 03 ep3 transmission- no 4th gear
  247. Fidanza Flywheel vs. Traditional Flywheel
  248. Help..... Axle popped out
  249. I need help!!! 03' Ep3 Clutch Problem!! *Man Down...Car Down*
  250. Bad Throw Out Bearing
  251. Need help...clutch or tranny problem
  252. Misshifted the EP3 into 3rd gear (on the freeway)
  253. Ep3 5 speed and k24a2
  254. Reverse lock out
  255. Omni cmc
  256. Dc5 flywheel.
  257. Towed my car home lastnight
  258. EM2/Omni CMC OEM clutch line?
  259. axles
  260. Weighted shift knobs bad for transmission...true or false?
  261. Whats going on with my clutch??
  262. Need to buy a few OEM parts: flywheel&master/slave cylinders. Where to go?
  263. **ITR/CTR Internal QQ's**
  264. what to look for k20a trans
  265. Urgent help on axel
  266. Shift Linkage Woes on Z3 transmission
  267. Clutch issue
  268. 3rd Gear Snycro
  269. Transmission Removal
  270. Shifting into 2nd gear issues
  271. Transmission slip?
  272. Clutch replacement, help needed
  273. Shifting into reverse while moving,
  274. Input shaft bearing, what to do?
  275. Shift Cable, Change Wire.
  276. What tranny fluid?
  277. Aluminum shifter and cable bushings
  278. tranny fluid LEAKING !!!
  279. Possibly replacing axles next weekend. Need advice
  280. Help please having problems putting car into gear
  281. Clutch slipping?
  282. Need opinions on new clutch
  283. Clicking, Grinding noises at lower gears only.
  284. Master/Slaver Cylinder, Flywheel, ISB/TO/Pilot Bearings questions
  285. Z3 Transmission Internal's Going In!
  286. HOW TO: 6 Speed Transmission Rebuild
  287. Transmission noises? HELP
  288. time for new clutch
  289. Need help badly!!! Car shudders at stop/ hard to shift??
  290. All k series clutches the same or different??
  291. Results from Magnetic Drain Plug for Transmission Oil
  292. Transmission for K24A2...questions
  293. Tranny removal out the top
  294. EP3s have glass transmission? (gear grind woes)
  295. Autotech/Wavetrac LSD warranty
  296. k20z3 tranny internals in ep3 tranny case: can I reuse my ep3 stage 3 clutch & flyw ?
  297. Time for a new clutch would like input on what I should get.
  298. Pilot bearing/bushing
  299. new 6 speed not shifting
  300. PPG vs Albins gears?
  301. BCSS question
  302. New Clutch?
  303. How does your clutch feel?
  304. car shuddering when shifting into first and reverse
  305. clacking noise from transmission. What is it?
  306. input shaft bearing noise?
  307. Intermittent Clutch Pedal Problem (excessive play, hits the floor)
  308. TSX transmission? will it fit?
  309. k24a2 NA with bolt on's; clutch suggestions?
  310. How do you know when you need a new clutch?
  311. clutch issue
  312. Tranny Clanks in gear! Help!
  313. race spool
  314. All the Clutch Lines - Omni Power Stainless Braided line- corsport line- oem line
  315. 5 vs 6 Speed /w K24a2
  316. Clutch master cylinder screw?
  317. The OFFICIAL IMAGE of where to trim the 5 speed shifter
  318. Clutch Options.. Buy a combo, or piece it together?
  319. 06 SI LSD install... transmission whine
  320. mainshaft spin freely in gear?
  321. 5spd internal help and advice needed.
  322. Clutch Pedal Pushrod Threads
  323. 6 Speed into Ep3? - yes i've searched.. please hear me out.
  324. Clutch pedal stays on the floor
  325. Whining sound coming from clutch
  326. looking for new clutch
  327. aftermarket lsd
  328. Z3 guts... Where to Buy?
  329. Urgent Clutch - CMC Failure?
  330. k20z1 tranny not going into 5th easy
  331. dc5 type r tranny issues?
  332. Ep3 transmission rebuild
  333. URGENT transmission question!!!!
  334. Need help real hard going into 4th
  335. Pressure Plate failure?
  336. replaced trans and now speedo off and gears seem higher.
  337. Pressure plate failure.
  338. ITR transmission build....
  339. 5 to 6 Speed Feedback
  340. 6 speed gearbox
  341. type s tranny into ep3
  342. puttin my trans back in
  343. S2k cmc
  344. OmniPower CMC??? can anyone give me info on this??
  345. Help! Gear Grind
  346. new clutch???
  347. Transmission suggestions
  348. Help! clutch install related
  349. ebay lsd
  350. Exedy Stage 1 + flywheel questions