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  1. JRSC EP3 @ Cecil County Drag Strip
  2. DIY Video series
  3. Turbo EP at the track...
  4. EP Vs. Vette
  5. My ep at the track
  6. 20CiviC02Si's Track Vids
  7. sunday+ep3+snowy backroad= no more boring sunday
  8. Imma be video ( ep3) :)
  9. 10 sec ep3 in North America *New Videos 4-11-2010*
  10. me and the CTR @ trackday
  11. Runs with the K24A1!!
  12. Comparision of my setups
  13. Peakboosted EP vs. Evo
  14. & some more 4 ya'll.
  15. American Touge- Hot Version International
  16. Siege911's 2010 Autocross Vids
  17. the video..
  18. ep3 v svt focus (vid)
  19. Attempt at a 20-80mph
  20. Me at Roebling Road Raceway
  21. EP3 on Nordschleife
  22. Vtec killer cams at idle
  23. Best Motoring ep3 vs dc5, wrx, rx8 and others
  24. on the side of a cliff
  25. Charlie (3rd and 4th)
  26. some EP3 rally clips...
  27. E85EP3's autocross 2009
  28. Thought this Euro meet was sick
  29. CTR keeping up with R35 on nurburgring
  30. Ctr
  31. EP3 1/4 mile on slicks :)
  32. Oc Krew Aug 7 2010 video
  33. Unreal
  34. Evo X vs EP3 K24 JRSC
  35. Turbo EP3 vs. Viper Venom 650R, It's back up;)
  36. me tuning my friend JRSC CTR
  37. JRSC-R Vs STI, Evo, H2B
  38. Honda Film Monster Unit
  39. K25......sick!
  40. Mis-shifted DEATH
  41. Damn my car sound SICK!
  42. JRSC k20a ep giving her a lil juice juice
  43. Whose ep is this kicking ass?
  44. Couple runs with the k24
  45. K20a3 really do suck
  46. Tire squirm
  47. Me vs a couple buddies
  48. My ep3 sounds good
  49. Type R
  50. "im gonna buy this car just cause of the gear knob"
  51. Monjarassi Puts in sum runs....
  52. just my civic
  53. any ep3 k24a2 vs k20a2 all motor video?
  54. udontknowjack's autox vid
  55. EP3 vs D15B civic
  56. Old AutoX Vid to get you back in the mood!
  57. Honda Civic Type-R review - Top Gear - BBC
  58. Ep3R vs. DC2 vs. DC5 vs. EK9 Type R battle Vid request?
  59. TX2k11 runs 03/18/11
  60. my ep3 vid watch
  61. ep3 and cobalt ss supercharged
  62. K20A3 vs 2.0T
  63. k24a1 JRSC 3rd gear roll
  64. the ep3's developer
  65. EP3R Vs EP3R at Santa Pod
  66. We will never forget 2K3 EP3 for exercising his 1st Amendment
  67. old runs with my ep3
  68. Testing out the Go Pro HD.
  69. Taking it back, K24a2 vs CN Stage 1 k20a3
  70. Sweet VTEC Challenge video, race EP3s!
  71. lap battle at miller motorsports park
  72. k20a2 ep3
  73. ep3 vs gsr ek
  74. A few laps at Road Atlanta
  75. JRSC-R 45 to 145
  76. EP3 SWAG Show Off
  77. ep3 after tune
  78. Ep3 Swag Remix
  79. Two Ep3's drag racing, similar modificaions, results?
  80. 30R Turbo EP3 at the strip
  81. JRSC Flat Footing Like A Boss!
  82. ep3 k20a3 power
  83. EP3 SWAG Body Damage
  84. A3 with A2 swap 206 Whp?
  85. ep3 launching at 5500 rpm
  86. ep3 vs b18 hatch turbo 23 psi
  87. Drag Braking...huh....wtf will the JDM think of next....
  88. My 13.3 run at Sac Raceway
  89. Straight pipe and coilovers vs BONE STOCK
  90. who is this guy?
  91. My A3 Vtec killer
  92. A few pulls
  93. EP3 Teaser from miller motorsports park
  94. My dyno session at Kmod proformance in Greensborro NC
  95. Top Gear Reviews New Type R and Compares it to EP
  96. 1st-4th Pulls In My Daily Driven EP
  97. JRSC K24a2 swap on the dyno
  98. Runs With The New Turbo Setup...
  99. Scotty's EP3 (VBP EP3 from SoCal, filmed with Canon t2i)
  100. k20a2 0-110 pull
  101. Buddy Club Race EP3 THAILAND Speed Festival
  102. Greddy EVO 2 catback vid
  103. Kerby's First Vid
  104. k24a2 Full-Race 40-120mph pull
  105. Streets of willow Track Day
  106. SCCA SFR Boondoggle XII 2/19/12 Rnd1 Oakland Coliseum
  107. Turbo EP3 40-145 & vs 390whp SRT8
  108. Turbo EP3 vs Turbo Cobalt SS
  109. EP3, EJ8 car wash
  110. I spy my little eye a blue EP3 that I know from somewhere.....
  111. 2012 drag EP3 only
  112. K20A3 Turbo 40-145
  113. Turbo Ep3 vs Rx-8
  114. This is %$#@ing embarassing...
  115. EP3 WRC rally car vid (it's old, might be re-post)
  116. All My Turbo K20A3 Runs
  117. Ep3 K20a 70-190km/h +++++
  118. Lower Class EP3 www.facebook.com/lowerclassks
  119. 02ep3 mt ascutney hill climb
  120. Saturday autocross
  121. Ep3 Swag Save The Day Ft Curtis
  122. Turbo Ep3 vs 4V SVT Cobra & M3 - M3 vs 4V SVT Cobra
  123. A couple of videos from Pikes Peak this past summer
  124. Testing my new GoPro Hero3
  125. vtec killed a3 driving around
  126. 434whp CTS-V vs 327whp Turbo K20A3 EP3
  127. k20a2 Evans Tuned
  128. Lots of ep3s! thought you all might like.
  129. got a camera
  130. ephatch members battle it out!!! (video included)
  131. and they said it could never be done.......
  132. EPs are slow and can not be made to handle well.
  133. Hot hatch "A little race car for the road"
  134. Driving Fast in WI *VIDEO*
  135. YummiR6 random Ep3 Candid, is this anyone on here?
  136. Friendly Battle between K20a3 and z3
  137. Best Type R Honda ever made, IDRIVE
  138. ep3 k20a3 with mods detroys k20z1 & k20z3 also with mods
  139. Jeremy Clarkson on EP3 (BBC Top Gear)
  140. EP3's k20a3 on boost
  141. k24 Ep3 Dyno Run.
  142. First track outing with my EP3
  143. It snowed at my HPDE yesterday
  144. Hiboost Instagram page @feralhiboost
  145. EP3 trying to follow a GTR on the track...