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  1. JRSC race version and Hondata release
  2. JRSC installed
  3. Vortech SuperChargers
  4. JRSC install completed
  5. Jackson Racing Problems
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  12. for those of you with JRSC
  13. Got My JRSC in the mail
  14. Pricing and location of JRSC parts
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  18. Hks Supercharger!!!
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  22. To those with the JRSC..what's the deal?
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  24. Yet another JRSC Race version question...
  25. JR Supercharger
  26. Base Rsx Jrsc-r
  27. Jackson Racing is loving the A3
  28. JRSC with no other mods?
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  30. cheapest place to order a JRSC from?
  31. Base Rsx Jrsc
  32. JRSC and Thermostat
  33. JRSC owners..think your running rich? Might actually be running lean...
  34. JRSC Install Help Please!!!
  35. best plugs for JRSC
  36. best exhaust for jrsc
  37. JRSC owners...what the heck is this thing??? Water Intercooler tap?
  38. To those who have a JRSC
  39. does jrsc come with hondata?
  40. JRSC - IMPORT04Si
  41. JRSC race kit install. HELP!
  42. JRSC owners - fix for burning rubber smell due to pulley alignment
  43. pls repost d old jrsc belt sizes
  44. JRRSC Belt help
  45. Where to get 2.5" idler pulley?
  46. a2 jrsc in ep
  47. JRSC-r missing parts/help
  48. K20a2 EG w/JRSC 13psi water/meth injected build
  49. My 05 type s clutch vs. jrsc-r kit
  50. Top speed of JRRSC w/kpro
  51. k24/k20 supercharged
  52. Supercharge A3 or A2 Swap
  53. Anyone using a 3" pulley on there JSSC-R
  54. Jrsc-r vs. k24
  55. 1/4 mile times for JRSC-R
  56. how to tighten JRSC belt.
  57. Buddy Club Supercharger!
  58. JRSC Reliability??
  59. will a 62.60" belt with the stock JRSCR
  60. JRSC owners what are your numbers!
  61. K20Z3- JRSC - R 8psi
  62. Jackson Racing Supercharger (JRSC) FAQ.
  63. ghetto race kit comments
  64. supercharge K24/k20a2?
  65. JRSC-R Uninstall?
  66. JRSC Question
  67. Kraftwerks Rotrex Kit
  68. Anyone Running the JRSC-R w/ Reflash?
  69. jackson racing supercharger
  70. JRSC belt replacement DIY
  71. JRSC: What's these part numbers?
  72. where can i buy gatorback belt 4070662 cheap?
  73. JRSC and partial throttle
  74. JRSC-R Spark Plug Gap
  75. a3 jrsc on an a2
  76. Running water/meth on JRSC
  77. setup for jr-sc r
  78. JRSC quarter miles?
  79. New JRSC tensioner option???
  80. Is there any hope for this JRSC? :( pics inside
  81. Jackson removal question
  82. JRSC Question????
  83. missing parts for jrsc, is this part necessary
  84. JRSC-R, engine management/pulley questions
  85. Last supercharger questions
  86. About to Pull the Trigger on a JRSC-R
  87. jrsc powercard
  88. JRSC Question
  89. just installed my jrsc
  90. jrsc 1 psi of boost
  91. best gauges for jrsc
  92. JRSC Race Kit producing only 5 psi.
  93. k20z1 jrsc knocks at 7800-8400 rpm
  94. JRSC Clearance Issues
  95. JRSC gee-whiz question...
  96. Eaton M62 on k20a3
  97. Part # for tensioner??
  98. Well Im Blown!
  99. Map Relocator
  100. couple questions befor upping the boost a little
  101. Clutch For JRSC
  102. Make sure you have a hoodseal, and a lower splashgaurd...
  103. New Dyno Sheet
  104. Guess My Gain!
  105. Modding OEM Tensioner for JRSC?
  106. Check My JRSC Logs Please!
  107. Need some advice just got beagt by b20 vtec
  108. new set up new dyno numbers
  109. What Belt/Pulley Are You Guys Running??
  110. Kraftwerks SC
  111. Quickie : How to remove the pulley ?
  112. Problem install JRSC on K24A2
  113. any KAL for JRSC-R 4.0 pulley, RC 440cc, DCRH and exhaust?
  114. DC5 Charger and aftercooler
  115. Belt alignement issue - anyone has input?
  116. Wednesday's Almost Here!!!
  117. Misfiring wtf!?!?!
  118. Got Tuned on the 3.8 :)
  119. iacv bypass?
  120. Water meth injection numbers
  121. OK.. What Next?
  122. My S/C Setup 2.0
  123. Couple of noob questions
  124. what fluid to run in water meth kit
  125. For All You JRSC Guys...
  126. Need rsx s tensioner help
  127. jrsc-s reflash
  128. Leaking Fuel Problem
  129. About to install jrsc with 3.7 pulley
  130. comptech s/c
  131. JRSC-R w/Kpro
  132. JRSC auto tensioner belt length for 3.7 pulley
  133. base map
  134. Checking Blower Oil
  135. The Quest...
  136. Constant squeak
  137. Gatorback FML
  138. Terminal Slip??
  139. lysholm redshift supercharger
  140. Supercharger Pulley Problems
  141. JRSC-Street with K-Pro?
  142. Well shucks...!
  143. Spark plugs replacement
  144. Re: JRSC on z3 swapped ep3???
  145. supercharge HELP!!!
  146. Hmmm Opinions
  147. Aftercooler Experience/Recommendations
  148. Pulley Upgrades
  149. Comptech supercharger
  150. 3.6 Pulley?
  151. Race kit MAP relocator required?
  152. Belt Size??
  153. tuning with jrsc street
  154. Civic Type R IPS Spec k24a Rotrex
  155. K24 Frank JRSC 9.6 psi
  156. JRSC-S upgrade questions
  157. JDM Honda Civic EP3R Jackson Racing Supercharger Questions and Hesitations
  158. My JRSC Tune/Logs
  159. Trying to work out my k24 swap.
  160. K24 "skeletor" Pulley Installed
  161. huge vacuum leak after jrsc install
  162. Anyone running a dc5 manifold instead of the ep?
  163. jrsc-street kit?
  164. To supercharge or not to supercharge...
  165. Stock exhaust and header really that restrictive?
  166. Finished! a2/a3 jrsc + cams :) yeee
  167. Spoon RH with JRSC
  168. Need a tune for JRSC-R, Kpro, Crower Stg 2 Cams, RH, ETC
  169. 272whp & 205ftlb JRSC K20A3
  170. Quick Install Question
  171. Canuck Civic's DC5 blower setup on a3
  172. k20a2 swapped ep....... supercharge???
  173. i have a cuestion!? jackson racing SuperCharger for K series
  174. Lost on what next
  175. Exhaust question...
  176. Mpg for turbo and supercharge
  178. What tuning can be done before adding the S/C ?
  179. 91k miles on the k20a3....save to supercharge it?
  180. Water / Meth Injection with Roots Superchargers
  181. cams/ supercharger
  182. Cheaper JRSC-R
  183. A3 is gone! Going K24A1 + JRSC + Cams ETC Questions
  184. thinking about sc the k24a2
  185. Leaking Snout
  186. jrsc and hondata heatshield
  187. Noob question about supercharger
  188. Tuned today
  189. Cams and valve train upgrades before S/C?
  190. JRSC-R or K20A2???
  191. RSX Kit on EP3 HELP NEEDED!!
  192. Will a Jmercado Lysholm 1600AX kit fit into an Ep3?
  193. Help! Supercharger pulley nut size?
  194. Water/Meth guys... question for ya.
  195. Jackson Racing Race upgrade question
  196. SUPER NOOOOOB Question....
  197. Supercharger Race kit fuel rail bolt?
  198. For All Auto-Tensioner Guys!
  199. JRSC Alternator Removal
  200. finally installed my jrsc but engine knocks
  201. K20R supercharger
  202. Think It's Time For A Rebuild..
  203. Fuel rail cover?
  204. jrsc belt tearing
  205. 04EP3Hatch's New Setup - DAMN Man! Another One?!
  206. what supercharger should i be looking at for a 06 k24a2 ?
  207. Honda Intake Supercharger Kit Turbo Chip Performance
  208. Whats the best valvetrain and cams,jrsc a3
  209. just got a JRSC-S kit and want to upgrade to race what parts am i missing?
  210. sc rebuild
  211. JRSC w/o a/c!?!?!????
  212. k20a3 upgrade path for DD
  213. JR tensioner pulley question...
  214. Jackson Racing Supercharger
  215. jrsc potential buyer
  216. 300 whp possible?
  217. tensioner
  218. Looking for a supercharger... Some question about throttle body
  219. Please read classified rules
  220. JRSC for EP3 on other k series?
  221. jrsc street upgrade
  222. any videos on SC install
  223. jrsc-s w/o powercard?
  224. installation questions im not sure about
  225. intercooled jrsc?
  226. stock exhaust vs evo2 greddy
  227. jrsc street kit belt size with no ac
  228. jrsc installed but somethins wrong
  229. 3.8 pully from 4"..will i need to change belt?
  230. smaller tensioner pulley on jrsc
  231. JRSC CNC billet high flow custom inlet
  232. toomuch sc oil?
  233. JRSC Choosing the right spark plug?
  234. i believe 2nd rotrex on a ep, 1st rotrex on a ep with a k24a2?
  235. JRSC rsx supercharger on Ep3
  236. need help removing jrsc pulley
  237. Need a little help with how much boost/which pulleys(k24a1)
  238. install q
  239. gatorback belt size for street kit?
  240. Ep3 Jrsc has idle problems?
  241. a3 JRSC on a k24a1?
  242. Weighing pro's and con's before purchase
  243. Colder plugs
  244. help should there be an open port on the throttle body?
  245. Ordering a Kpro finally, have enough dough for one more big mod. Thoughts?
  246. what is needed to super charge?
  247. flashing yellow light on powercard box everytime i accelerate!
  248. whats a good TB for a JRSC street?
  249. Help w/ DC5 JRSC on K20A3 EP3
  250. street kit into ghetto kit?
  251. Kraftwerks 06 Civic Si Kit= 405 whp / 251 wtq, EP3 Compatible?
  252. how much boost ?
  253. Virtually impossible JRSC install
  254. Gauges to add with JRSC
  255. T fitting to run boost gauge and powercard
  256. Issue with my JRSC.
  257. changing the oil in the jrsc?
  258. 2.5 inch exhaust to big for jrsc street?
  259. Anyone have a kal for jrsc?
  260. Wanting More from the JRSC....................
  261. Jrsc-r not boosting??
  262. anyone know where to find a 4.0 JRSC pulley
  263. put unleaded gas on accident
  264. belt size for a 3.2" pulley?
  265. Running a 06 SI JRSC finally all these years
  266. Belt size for ep3 with 3.8 pulley, modified auto tensioner, and stock crank pulley???
  267. Should I even bother with the skeletor crack pulley?
  268. K20a2 swap, want to get jrsc
  269. Can the blower pulley be changed with blower i the car?
  270. rotex supercharger on k24a2 ep3?
  271. k24a2 JRSC adapter plate
  272. JRSC & me : )
  273. Going from street to race
  274. Problems start...
  275. is it safe to have a 3.7 pulley on a cammed a3?
  276. Recently purchased 3.8" pulley
  277. jrsc exhaust advice?
  278. Water/Meth Injection
  279. A3+ct engineering=powa?
  280. Pulley size advice.
  281. Where can I buy a used JRSC kit for k20a3????? please help
  282. EP3 JRSC Part Source
  283. aftercooler
  284. jrsc not fully boosting on 3rd?
  285. DifferentK: rebuild time
  286. jrsc r kit upgrade
  287. JRSC - looking for new kit
  288. Ssr supercharger - speak up
  289. ep3 JRSC auto tensioner upgrade problem
  290. JRSC Tensioner bolt size
  291. MercRacing MR900 Super Charger Kit in the k24a2 ep3
  292. Air actuator bypass valve
  293. JRSC Ghetto Race upgrade VS Race upgrade
  294. Ep3 k24a2 rotrex help
  295. k24 JRSC worth it?
  296. Where can I get a JRSC?