View Full Version : Civic FP Wheels?

04-21-2003, 10:28 AM
I was just wondering if there are any updates on purchasing just the 16" wheels that the 03 civic ex's can buy with the body kit for like 3grand. If my info is off, sorry, I haven't looked into buying the package on a civic, but I've seen the wheels in person this week on one and they look incredible!.:p

Tenacious G
04-21-2003, 02:29 PM
i saw the wheels at the honda dealership where i purchased my EP. but i was in a hurry so i didn't get a chance to inquire about them. i'm sure cost a pretty penny.

04-21-2003, 05:42 PM
Yea, I've been looking around all the honda online parts stores and cannot find anyone who sells either the FP package or just the 16" wheels. Hopefully someone knows where to get them.

04-21-2003, 08:22 PM
yeah i would like to know myself

IceD out N CALI
04-21-2003, 10:39 PM
someone here (a dealer) was selling them special order out of florida a few months ago. not sure what happened with it though

04-21-2003, 11:01 PM
Here is a link to that dealer page that was on here a while back..

Update on FP Wheels (http://ephatch.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=8244&perpage=15&highlight=fp*&pagenumber=1)

04-21-2003, 11:30 PM
Thanks for the link. Hopefully southhonda will give an update on whether or not he is selling them still and any satisfied customers could show pics.