View Full Version : Neuspeed Race springs WOW!!!!

08-18-2002, 09:14 AM
guys finally did the install and lemme tell you........ guys get these springs what an amazing ride......... no bumbyness at all perfectly stiff and with the 18's it looks incredible......... also it has no gap whatsoever........ actually the tires are up in the fender. All i have to say is these are defintely the springs for the EP nothing else touches it. My buddy with his HandR's is returning them next week saying that their defective to get them. Also these springs are actually the same overall height as OE...... but have "inactive" coils which are inactive but what they do is keep the spring properly seated and compressed in the strut hat and base so they can't hope around at all do to the lower height. Also i took of the coilever wrap from the OE's which go on the second from the bottom coil that make no noise from the spring tapping each other. As soon as i can possible get a digicam ill have pics posted.


IceD out N CALI
08-18-2002, 11:05 AM
post pics please;)

08-18-2002, 12:38 PM
Sounds good, but we need to see some pictures.

08-19-2002, 03:04 AM
Koo Pics would sound really nice.