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11-06-2003, 10:26 PM
aright. i know most of you may not be too into grafix and decals, and im not too big on it either, i was looking for someone who might want to print this idea for me or draw somethin on photoshop for me.. i kno your all that bored!! if this gets printed, id be willing to put signature on the car!

well the idea is this.. last week california was on fire, so i walked out to my black si in the mornin, and it was covered in ashes. ew. but i was thinkin.. black and red, like smoke and fire.. so my cars new name is "ashes".

the grafic im looking for is going to go right below where the "i-vtec" sticker used to be, the color should be red to match the si's red, and im basically experimenting with different linear style designs. basically i want it to say "ashes" and have some sort of line to run along the bottom of the doorsill towards the front wheel to give the car a lower appearance (its already dropped, dont worry)

im open to different shapes/ ideas, but im basically looking for something tat has a clean,simpler design to it, starting thin at the front and taller at the back

kinda like

"ashes_______ "

11-11-2003, 04:58 PM
I'll post a pic on wed. of my decals so you can see if you like it it was custom made and designed for me