View Full Version : Hella Fog Lights

11-18-2003, 01:16 PM
I was just wondering if anyone has ever used any of Hella's Fog light kits. If so, how were they? Thanks for any input!

Driftin SI
11-18-2003, 01:39 PM
I have used Hella stuff on all my cars. Great quality at a good price. Which kit are you looking at?

11-18-2003, 03:32 PM
The FF50 and FF75 both look nice to me. I like the size and I wouldn't have a hard time finding H7 bulbs in yellow or amber.

11-19-2003, 12:49 AM
any pics or links? I wanna get a set of driving lamps so I can see the apex of a turn at night.

Driftin SI
11-19-2003, 07:38 AM
They look really nice, quality stuff for nowhere near the price of some other manufacturers.



11-19-2003, 08:26 AM
Yeah I like these better than any style I have seen so far from any other aftermarket manufacturer. I especially like the price in comparison to the PIAA kits.