View Full Version : Steering Wheel

07-06-2002, 03:58 PM
Do you guys know that the 02 Si steering wheel is made by Momo? a friend of my mail me a Japanese spec catalog (Type-R) and it said the steering wheel is made my Momo (the steering wheel look excelty the same as my Si). Any thoughts?

07-06-2002, 04:17 PM
Yes you can tell because its so comfortable, Its so comfortable I like to keep both hands on it at all times, prefect grip, not to mention the steering column is so easy to move its like playing an arcade game. The type-r version has 2 small differences from the US spec wheel, the red H emblem and MOMO embossed below it.

07-06-2002, 10:14 PM
so it is momo i didnt know that i thought it was the s2000 wheel

07-12-2002, 04:29 PM
I love that we have a momo steering wheel...I didnt know that until know....AWESOME...I LOVE MY NEW SI:P