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05-02-2004, 10:49 AM
OK so i got into an accident yesterday coming off of I-70. there i was in the merge lane cruising with a clear sight of the road so i turn to look back to see if there was traffic coming my way (there wans't the road was absoulutly clear). next thing i know i slam into a 95 civic who's learners permit driver decided to come to a dead stop. needless to say i almost killed the kid after i got out of my car. . . but a state trooper came by quickly so i didnt get my chance.

anyway. . .the result is that my right fender, front bumper, hood and right headlight are totallly messed up. not to mention my alignment and brakes are just about useless.

so after i almost broke out in tears (i didnt but god it was a close call - i love my Si) i decided, while i was waiting for the tow truck, that maybe i could make this an excuse to have my car back better than ever. My main plan is to get the SST widebody kit or maybe the BC3 kit for our cars, upgrade to the anzo healight kit and get a carbon fiber hood wtih functional scoop.

my theory is this : if i dont use insurance to rebuild my car with OEM parts then my insurance wont go up. now i was wondering if you guys here at ephatch could help me out. for some reason i thought i saw on one of the forums that someone found a wide body kit for our car for bout 1800 bucks ( i can get a guy to paint it for 200 bucks) but for some reason i cant seem to find any good prices for the lights (thought they were bout 300) or a hood.

my main concern is with the body kits however. im not sure if im goin to need any extra pieces for the attachment process.

if you guys can help id really appreciate it.


Y-O's EP3
05-17-2004, 04:10 PM
"my main concern is with the body kits however. im not sure if im goin to need any extra pieces for the attachment process."

i hope you know it is alot more work then just bolting the pieces of the body kit on.. especially a wide body kit the pieces usually have to be shaved or cut down to a more proportionate size and molded for best fitment and look.. ive seen people use brackets mounted on the car to keep the shape of widebody kits, i know you have the guy for paint but, just incase you didnt know and sorry for my spelling

05-18-2004, 12:01 AM
go break off a tab from your other head light and get CTR's, and a CTR bumper.... thats what i... um... er... thats what i heard someone did. :cool: