View Full Version : silver dash kit

10-30-2002, 09:59 PM
Are there any stock looking silver dash kits on the market yet? Or any at all, that could be painted?

11-01-2002, 11:54 PM
I did this i bought the cheapest wood kit for like150 cash and got it painted to match my car my thread is in the custom section under dash kit

11-02-2002, 04:12 PM
$150 for a dash kit? I don't think I'll be paying that, especially on top of the stereo itself.

11-05-2002, 08:02 AM
I m with you man. I did a search and someone said you dont need one. But if there is one ill get it just to be safe. so if anyone knows about the silver kits part # 99-7860s lets us know! thank you