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10-31-2002, 11:13 AM
get ready because by next month Apex'i will release their coilover suspension for the EP3. After Sema obviously. Also get ready to cough up 3 g's according to the Apex'i guy. I think he was bsing me, but if it's true they can take those coil and shove them up theirs because there's no way I'm paying 3000 dollars for a pair of coilovers. Shit it be day that hell will freeze.:confused:

10-31-2002, 12:49 PM
Waste of money. I just put JIC flt-a2 on my s2ooo and i am about to put the same on the ep. They are the top of the line version and out to shame every other coil over option available. I m out the door the right now, but when i get back , i ll give you a key list of things to look for and why these are above the rest. I ll also try to get you some pics of mine as well. stay tuned...

10-31-2002, 12:52 PM
JIC for the EP, where? When? How much? I haven't seen anything for the EP yet as far as coilover goes. Yes I've heard of Tein, but the one for the EP are not out yet, and I'm not about to make any modifications to anything, if they are not made for the EP then I won't buy it. Let me know.

10-31-2002, 02:12 PM
You arae absolutely correct in saying that there are no models specifically designated to the EP. They are instead designed for the DC5. The beauty of it all is that the only modification needed for installation is new oute tire rod ends from the dc5. Cheap parts indeed. Easy install as well. Alignment is needed, but anyone who knows anything about suspension gets one when you install coil overs anyhow.

My only concern was the spring rates. I wasnt sure if the DC5 set up would match the EPs needs. Since both cars are pigs, i had to ask just to make sure. As i said before, i was at JIC the other day and spoke with the owner about doing this upgrade (all while he was ripping in my s2k) He told me that i wouldnt be the first one they have done and that there already are a couple EPs rolling around with mod.

The nice thing about JIC that distinguishes them from most other suspension companies that come over from Japan is that they spend time to do actual R & D here in the states on our roads. If you have ever driven in a car equipped with Buddy Club suspension you woudl know what i mean, way too harsh. Dont get me wrong, they are the shit, just not real streetable. My s2000 was the first stateside tto be equipped with the coil overs. They ended up going through 5 different versions of valving before they were happy with the ride.

After SEMA, we will be doing the EP, i will keep you guys posted on the outcome.

10-31-2002, 02:27 PM
So you are saying that I can buy the JIC coilover kit for the DC5 Rsx type s and then buy a set of power steering tie rod ends, and it should work fine. The only reason I did not buy the Teins was because they require drilling and I'm not drilling anything on my car. But if the JIC require only a pair of tie rod end for the Power steering then I may consider going with the JIC. Please let me know.