View Full Version : JRSC owners - fix for burning rubber smell due to pulley alignment

04-21-2008, 12:32 PM
After installing the JRSC and babying it for a bit, I was able to really test the unit out. I noticed that at higher RPMs, I would get a significant smell of burning rubber.
Thinking the belt was loose, I tightened it a little. The smell grew worse.

In order to diagnose, I took a close look at the belt routing and the pulley orientation. In my research, I found two things:

1. When tightening your belt / idler pulley, do so with the pulley bolt just loose enough for the pulley to move. Tightening with this bolt really loose allows the pulley to become no longer parallel with the belt when ultimately tightened down and allows for the belt and pulley lip to possibly make contact. This can produce a faint burning rubber smell (friction burning / melting the belt edge)

2. Even if tightening the pulley properly, there is a chance that supercharger pulley and idler pulley will be slightly off. This second case was the cause of my burning rubber. Below shows how the pulley lip was cutting the side of my belt up to expose the belt's threads.

To identify this as an issue, ensure proper pulley installation per #1 above, then observe the belt in motion with the car running in relation to the idler pulley. If you see the belt too close to the outside edge of the pulley lip or little specs of rubber being frayed off, you can add a stainless steel washer between the pulley and idler assembly as shown below. This should correct any minute issues with pulley orientation.

04-23-2008, 07:30 PM
does this comprimise(sp) the strenght of the dowel the pulley is attached to???