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04-30-2008, 04:21 PM
One of the things we lost was the super convenient Torque Specifications quick reference thread. I figgure we should get that back up ASAP.

Tire Lug Nuts 80 ft/lbs

12mm top nut (1) 33ft/lbs
10mm Strut tower Flange Bolts (3) 33 ft/lbs
16mm damper pinch bolts (2) 115ft/lbs
10mm tie rod nut (1) 32ft/lbs
brake hose bracket (1) 16ft/lbs
wheel sensor harness bracket (1) 7.2ft/lbs
Axle nut 134 ft/lbs

10mm top nut 22ft/lbs
10mm strut tower top nuts (2) 43ft/lbs
12mm damper bottom bolt 45ft/lbs

Rear Camber Arm
12mm outter bolt 43ft/lbs
12mm inner bolt (2) 43ft/lbs
8mm wheel sensor harness bracket 16ft/lbs

Rear Tie Bar
12mm inner bolt 43ft/lbs

Sway Bars
10mm top end link bolt [to bar] 28ft/lbs
10mm bottom end link bolt [to car] 29ft/lbs
10mm bracket bolt (2) 29ft/lbs

10mm top end link bolt [to bar] 28ft/lbs
10mm bottom end link bolt [to car] 29ft/lbs
8mm bracket bolt (2) 16ft/lbs

Upper Pass Engine mount Flange Nut 40 ft/lbs
Rear Engine Mount 43 ft/lbs
Front Engine Mount 47 ft/lbs
Transmission Engine Mount 40 ft/lbs
14mm subframe bolts (4) 76ft/lbs
Oil Drain Plug: 33ft*lbs
Oil filter: 8.7ft*lbs


Drain plug: 29ft*lbs
Filler plug: 33ft*lbs

10mm Header Bolts/Nuts 33 ft/lbs
8mm Header to Downpipe spring nut 16 ft/lbs
10mm exhaust manifold bracket bolts 33ft/lbs
O2 sensors 33ft/lbs
Cat to midpipe nut 25 ft/lbs
Midpipe to Axel back spring nut 16 ft/lbs

06-22-2008, 09:14 AM
Good info here. If anyone has more information that they'd like to add, PM me or another moderator to have it added. :mcool: