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11-13-2002, 04:10 PM
Well, since I don't have the cash flow to do a professional ICE install anytime soon, I will offer up my idea for free to the ephatch forum members because I'd like to see someone successfully do it.

I was seriously impressed with the DVD based GPS navigation system in my friends Acura MDX. I feel that it is the best unit on the market, including all OEMs and aftermarket units (although I think that the NAV screens in the Infiniti G35 and new Audi A8 are pretty sweet). I'm not sure what other Acura models offer this same DVD navigation system (older RLs and TLs were CD based).

Anyway, since the new Honda Pilot is a sister vehicle to the Acura MDX, I suspect that its NAV system is nearly identical as well, other than it says Honda on the unit instead of Acura. It would be hot if someone bought all the stuff (probably from a salvaged vehicle, Honda dealer would be way too expensive) and did a custom install into the dash of an Si. My friends MDX also has a 6 disk indash CD changer. The DVD drive and associated gyroscopic sensors are remote mounted. Not quite sure where the antenna mounts.

Best thing is that the software can be updated at any Honda or Acura dealership. I really don't like the coverage in remote areas provided by the aftermarket Alpine and Kenwood units that I've seen. The Honda OEM system can get you to or from anywhere!

Only thing is that this NAV unit also has controls for the OEM HVAC. You could try to hook this up too, but I'm guessing this part of the install would be too difficult.

Any feedback on my idea would be appreciated. And good luck. You're bound to win major shows with this install.

11-14-2002, 03:43 PM