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06-28-2008, 09:03 AM
I've look arround for this DYI and couldn't find it, so i decided that I would post it up. Hope that it helps.

1. 12mm Wrench
2. a rag ir shop towel
3. a flashlight

1. First you need to take out the fuse box cover that its under the steering wheel.


2. Remove the lower panel cover that is under the fuse box cover.


3. Remove the plastic clip that is next to the pedal by unscrewing it. The above 3 step are just to give you more room to work with.


4. It time for the adjusting, first you must put your flashlight so that you can see cause is awfully dark in there. Look behind the clutch pedal and you'll see the pushrod. So take you 12mm wrench and loosen the locknut, just a few turn will do.


5. Turn the pushrod, clockwise until its starts to get very dificult to turn it. Now press your pedal with you hand, and you'll notice that its have very little slack, that means that your done. For this step, I recommend to take out the rag or shop towel and use that to have a better grip on the pushrod.

6. Thighten the locknut. Make sure that the pushrod does not move when you are thightening the nut.

7. Reinstall the plastic clip by screwing it or pushing it.

8. Reinstal the lower panel cover and fuse box cover.

9. Go and test drive your new feeling clutch.


06-28-2008, 01:05 PM
this is a great write up :thumb:
can you please resize imagine a bit smaller?

06-29-2008, 06:37 AM
Good write up.
One note, i would not change the specs of the car since you may end up allways applying pressure to the clutch and burn your through out berring real fast. That is anoying to change.

Here are the specs.
Clutch Pedal stroke: 5.12 - 5.51 In.
Clutch Pedal Free Play: 0.39 - 0.63 in.
Clutch pedal height: 7.60 in.
Disengagement height: 4.53 in.
From the carpet: 1.50 in.