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04-01-2010, 07:17 PM
Hey guys, so I have a friend that can get me a pretty good deal on some tires. I'm not into autocross, yet, so all I need are some decent daily driver tires.

The models are:
Maxxis - MA-P1: 195/55R15 $400 (set) CAD Shipped
Maxxis - MA-P1: 205/60R15 $352.16 (Set) CAD Shipped

These are the brands that I don't know and have googled them but there isn't too much info on them. Has anyone ever heard of the brand or bought them before?

OR I can get:
195/55R15 Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1- $561 CAD Shipped
195/55R15 Dunlop Direzza DZ101 - $487 CAD Shipped

*Keep in mind that I am a student and cash doesn't come easy =) I will be working full time during the spring and summer though. Should I try the Maxxis or go with those sexy direzza sports?

*Also, I am looking at getting reflash/kpro so I don't mind spending a little less on tires.

Thanks in advance!

04-01-2010, 08:45 PM
I just got my tires 2 weeks ago and did EXTENSIVE research and found some good info. "Yokohama avid trz" supposedly are the best rated for our stock 205/55r16s not sure about the size you have. Those run a 100 each... now the tires i bought for my 17" HFPs are the "continental extreme DWS" tires those are one of the best rated tires. Got those for 480 free shipping on discounttiresdirect.com. Pretty fast delivery i definatly recommend the site they were cheaper than tirerack.com.

I recommend those brands since they are basically the same price top rated and i never heard of the brands you mentioned

04-01-2010, 10:36 PM
i haven't heard anything on the maxxis tires outside of their motorcycle tires, this could be either good or bad. from a quick glance it looks as though they model their car tires off other manufactures tread designs. keep in mind that rubber compound affects the way tires handle and just copying a tread design won't help it perform the same.
for example, those Maxxis - MA-P1 look similar to the falken sns828's..

now the tires i bought for my 17" HFPs are the "continental extreme DWS" tires those are one of the best rated tires.

these are popular tires.. they are on a national backorder in many sizes. the cool thing about these tires is that they say DWS (dry, wet, snow) on the tire tread and as they wear, the letters disappear indicating that that aspect of the tire has worn out and you no longer have traction in that weather! pretty smart if you ask me.

don't waste your money on the dz101's, if you go dunlop, go star specs. you will not be disappointed in how they perform, they are awesome! take it from someone that has 2 sets :mangel:but they are performance oriented so they will not last as long as an all-season tire will.