View Full Version : Gotta renovate my suspension, thoughts on setup?

04-02-2010, 07:18 PM
I've been noticing that my rear shocks are getting pretty soft, and after looking around under the car, i noticed some pieces are getting pretty worn. So heres my thoughts on what i plan on doing:

Current setup
RSX-S rear swaybar, H&R race springs, KYB GR2s up front, stock shocks in the rear, Ingalls F+R camber kit, Nuespeed front strut bar.

Future setup:
Koni Yellows, H&R race springs, RSX-S rear sway, Ingalls Front camber kit, Skunk 2 rear camberkit, Skunk2 lower control arms, Carbing rear tie bar, Energy suspension hyperflex kit, Megan/Corsport C-pillar bar, (maybe my neuspeed front bar again)

I mostly use my car for just commuting, but I do like to throw it through the bends and some country roads on the way to and from work.

Also, I'm planning on changing my brake fluid to either ATE Superblue, Wilwood, or Motul brake fluid too.


04-04-2010, 07:58 PM
I use my car daily also, I just bought tokico d-spec shock with the eibach pro kit springs. Whats nice about them is the shocks are fully adjustable so you can make it as soft or as hard as you want. I was doing some reviews and people say they love it. They say you can feels the road but in a good way.
Hope this helps...

04-04-2010, 08:19 PM
Do not upgrade the front sway at all. Most recommend removing it completely. H&R with Koni is a good setup just make sure that you dial the rear to be slightly more stiff than the front. If you adjust your camber so that the front has more than the rear, say 1.5 in the front and .5 in the back, it will help to compensate for the cars tendency to under-steer. Check for an old thread called proper 2 inch drop that I started a year ago. There are a ton of tips in there.

Do you have SS brake lines? If not then do that when you change the fluid. Its a good mod for only $125 or so.

04-04-2010, 08:44 PM
Dont have SS lines yet, but they are on the list. Right now I think its gonna be just suspension upgrades then brakes when I get the $. I'm also paying for a trip to Sweden and Finland next week + about $1300 worth of spending $...so I'm doing the necessaries before the "wants".

Also, I'm gonna continue to run my H&Rs just cuz I already have them and don't feel like spending another $200+ for a set of springs when the ones I have are perfectly fine.