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04-16-2010, 10:50 AM
Hey road race guys,

From what I have seen, the EP3 has a short-coming with it's brakes on a road course. There is a lot that can be solved with different pad compounds and the aftermarket will provide a Big Rotor/Big Caliper kit for big bucks. Is there a bigger caliper that is OEM Honda or after market that will solve this braking issue more economically?
Are CRV calipers a direct fit bolt-on?


04-16-2010, 10:56 AM
Ask yourself: Do i want to keep using 15"-16" rims or will i be happy to always run a 17" rim?

To run a 15" rim:
If you are 04-05 which is a 5-lug... go with RSX-S calipers and rotors.
02-03 you'll have to do the 5-llug swap to make it work.

To run +17"rim and MAYBE 16":
Then there are BBK... Wilwoods 12.2 kit.
For the rear... there's the Fastbrakes 10.9 which lets you keep the e-brake.
You reuse your rear caliper. they supply you with RL rotors and a custom bracket to move your caliper to give you enough clearence.

Either way you go it's a good idea to change to a 05-06 RSX-S Master Cylinder. I beieve it is the same as the DC5R.
The piston size is 15/16 unlike the EP3's 7/8".
While your at it, also swap to a 05-06 RSX-S proportioning valve. It is also similar to the DC5R.

Switch to SS Brake lines. and use DOT3 or 4 liquid.
Stock, the EP3 comes with DOT3.

And last but not least... but it's just as important but gets overlooked: Get sticker tires.

04-16-2010, 10:57 AM
4 lug