View Full Version : Rear Bumper Removal

1 fstr si
12-02-2002, 09:06 PM
i need to figure out how to take my back bumper and my front bumper off. so, any and all info would be EXTREMELY appreciated. thanx and i did a search on bumper removal too, so, you cant say do a search.

12-02-2002, 09:35 PM
I know the feeling everybody jumps down your throat for not doing a search. But in actual fact you did!

Anyways instructions to take the front bumper off:

1. There are four pop clips on the top second row (the front ones are for the grill).

2. There are two Phillips screws and 8 pop clips on the bottom of the bumper.

3. After u have a total of 12 clips and 2 screws. Then what u do is give the bumper a good pull from the wheel well towards u then pull it towards the front and it should pop the one side off and repeat it for the other side.

I suggest u put a blanket down under the bumper just in case it slips out of your hands so the ground won't scratch your paint job.

Hope this helps!

As for the back bumper I'll let someone else explain that. I haven't done that just yet.

1 fstr si
12-02-2002, 09:53 PM
thanx dude. and as for everyone else, i still need the rear bumper removal instructions. ANY VOLUNTEERS????????