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07-13-2010, 03:20 PM
I figured I would write up a DIY on how to make your USDM tails look like (kinda), the UKDM tails and how to integrate a rear fog light. I haven't wired up the foglight yet, so this will be an on-going DIY.

Tools needed:
8mm 1/4 inch socket with extension
10mm socket, 3/8 drive
flat head screw driver
philiphs head screw driver.
dremel with cutoff tool or hot knife
safety glasses (safety first kids)

super glue
7440 signal bulb socket
7440 bulb (im using PIAA ones because they are nice and bright)
optimally a spare tail light or two.

Lets get started...

Remove the tail lights from the car. To do so, there are two 8mm screw on the rear bumper just behind each of the rear wheels, and two philps head screws. Remove those, then open your hatch and pop the two bolt covers off and remove the two 10mm bolts. There are two clips under the bumper that can be removed, but aren't necessary. Then lightly pull the bumper out starting from the sides. This is a great time to clean off your rear re-bar.

Once the bumper is removed, pop the covers on the inside of the trunk out to access the back of the lens. Remove all the bulbs and sockets. Then loosen off the 3 8mm bolts on the back side of the lens. Once they are removed, remove the two 10mm bolts under the bumper. They will probably snap, but dont worry, the bumper will go back into place without issue. Slowly pull the lens out.

Now that the lens is out, you can get started on the modification. This is where having a spare tail lens comes in handy. I happen to have two spare drivers sides tail lights that we broken. If you don't have a spare tail, have a steady hand. Since I had a spare tail, heres what i did. I took one of the spare tails, and cut a box around the rear signal bulb's socket. I then trimmed the box down and only left just the small section of the socket trim where the bulb actually snaps into.

Take your factory tail light, and dremmel out the plugged off socket. You can see the outline of a socket clip if you catch it in the right light. Cut it out to as close to that size as you can.
Use the socket rings and just test fit to make sure that the bulb doesn't touch any where. Now using the superglue, attach the socket ring you just cut from the spare tail light.

Once attached, let them sit and dry for about 10 minutes. After they are dry, fit your sockets in. As for your now blank rear socket, on the passanger side, i just covered mine with electrical tape. On the drivers side, I used a second spare 7440 signal socket and put it back in.
Once its all finished, re-attach the tail light, re-attach the bumper, button everything up. Now, enjoy your work, and have a nice refreshing beverage.

I'll start the wiring for the fog next week. I need a day off to pull everything apart and run the wiring.

08-06-2010, 05:55 PM
any new info?

08-09-2010, 05:51 AM


08-09-2010, 07:03 AM
only new info is i have a UKDM indicator stock coming with an integrated fog light switch, so when that comes in, im gonna wire it all up.

08-09-2010, 12:21 PM
so top round ones are now brake
corners are now indicators
and bottoms are what would be the fog?

I don't have a spare set of tails to cut the socket out, so should i just glue them or what? what if i need to replace the bulb?