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02-04-2011, 05:33 PM
This is pretty straight forward, I gotta go back and get pics, but:

Things you will need:
10mm deep well socket
3/8 Spark Plug Socket - might as well change them now.
6" extension
Flat screwdriver
Jasco Premium Paint Stripper (less than 10$ at a hardware store)
Foam brush (walmart sells a bag for $1.50!)
Metal Paint Pan
Something to lay the Valve Cover (VC) on. like cardboard.
Chemical Resistant gloves. I just used a few latex gloves and discarded them immediately.

Remove EVERYTHING thats on the Valve cover. Bolts, Screws, PCV, oil fill cap, Dip Stick, Spark plug cover, Coils, Wire Harness, and those metal/rubber plugs, and dont forget the 2 in the back.

Put anything that becomes separated from the car, in a plastic baggie. (screws, bolts, whatever)

I used a Regular sized Flathead Screwdriver to lift the VC from the head. I just placed it under the side, and carefully twisted to get it started. You gotta rock it back and forth until it comes off. Easy right?

Now, remove the rubber gasket from the VC, put it aside.
Put the VC on the cardboard.
Put on some gloves.
Pour some of the Jasco into the metal paint pan.
Dip foam brush in Jasco.

Lay a generous amount of Jasco on the VC.
Get a beer, check EPHatch.com, facebook.
15 Minutes yet?

Wipes right off! or sprays off...
Shot at 2011-02-05
I've used Tal-strip, walmart aircraft stripper, and some other brand. This bar far, was the best.
the last pic i had been using another brand and was scraping. got tired of scraping.

04-18-2011, 10:06 PM
Nice, so what color did you go with ?

03-15-2013, 08:06 AM
super late, but i painted this with typical wrinkle red, the spray paint is super soft. I got anther cover done in a green powdercoat.