View Full Version : shock modifications necessary?

07-20-2002, 08:16 PM
just wondering i can my order for my one piece handr's due to financial reasons and now am consideringt the handr sports or grount control's.

1. what would you choose.

2. you guys with coilovers and/or regular lowering spring did u have to modify the stock shocks in any way?

07-21-2002, 12:44 AM
When I bought my suspension package here recently I chose to spend a little extra money and get the good stuff. I did this for the reason that anyone with experience in this field would do the same thing. I purchased the Eibach Sportline kit, and the Koni 12 way adjustable gas shocks. Why did I by shocks as well??? Because if you only buy the springs and not the gas shocks ur gonna have one bumpy ride on ur hands, not to mention that its really hard on ur car. Trust me by the shocks, you bought an Si, not a regular Civic, not to say that the others are bad but buy the good stuff for this car, you will be happier in the long-run TRUST ME!!! You can find these products at www.tirerack.com under suspension!!

07-22-2002, 08:57 PM
I would definitely agree. I bought the Ground Control coil overs, and with that I have Koni shocks. I got the shocks for about 550ish for four. And honestly, that's probably the best mod I'll ever get for my car. It highly reduces the jumpy, bumpiness of the Si's ride, whether or not you have lowering springs. If you DO have lowering springs, your ride w/o shocks is obviously even more jumpy/bumpy than the stock setup is. Now, some people probably think that they don't mind a little bumpy ride to save a good 500-800 in parts and labor for a shocks install. And, well, that's okay, and that's kinda how I feel, except for one thing. And that is: dropping your car will be very hard on your stock shocks. It's a matter of weeks, months, or maybe a year or two before a shock blows out 'cause it just can't take the lowering. And so, once that happens, you gotta replace your stock shock and pay for labor, which will end up costing probably half it costs to buy four high quality Koni shocks and installing them. Economically, it hurts to pay that 5-800 bucks for shocks and install, but down the rode it'll pay off--and meanwhile, you'll have one GREAT ride.

07-23-2002, 09:30 AM
The ride in my car with Grouncontrols isnt that bad. The only complaint I have is that they are noisey. I spray some WD40 on them and they are completely quite for about a week then i have to spray mor eon them. I am going to just jack it up and grease up al lthe bushings and everythign so i dont have to spray wd40 on it every week! haha Then ill hav eno ocmplaints

07-25-2002, 07:50 AM
Did you need to do any modification to the strut or any other part to install the GC's?

07-25-2002, 05:33 PM
Well, there's some necessary modifications. It's not exactly your typical installation. I believe the GCs slide right over the shocks, but you have to do a little minor adjustments. I can't be too detailed with what they are, because I don't know 100% exactly what those adjustments were, but you can be sure, there are some necessary modifications--ie, I would get an autobody shop or some professional to do it.

07-25-2002, 08:21 PM
Pradamuimui, I've got Eibach Sportlines too. Only I'm using my stock shocks, and to be honest...The ride isn't that bad at all. I'm actually surprized at how good things turned out.
If and when I do blow a shock however, I'll immediately throw on some Koni's. I wish I could drive your car to compare the difference with aftermarket shocks.