View Full Version : DIY: OEM Fog Light Adjustment

ace of spades
02-29-2012, 10:02 AM
OEM fogs ftw. they have a vertical adjustment (up and down only) here's how to adjust them.

- park facing some type of wall, making sure your car is sitting on a flat level surface. turn on your foglights, for better results, do around dusk or some place a little dark.
it's kind of hard to see, but my left foglight is down a little bit.
- there is a phillips head screw under each foglight, and you can access them from under the bumper through a hole that Honda placed perfectly for the adjustment. here's where the hole is:

- with the car parked, insert a phillips screwdriver into the hole and find the screw. it's hard to find if you can't see it, so you might need to poke around a little until you hit something metal. it's straight up into the hole.
- turn the screw. to raise the foglight aim, turn the screw clockwise. to lower the aim of the foglight, turn the screw counter-clockwise. turn the screw until the fogs are either even or where you want them aimed.
- finished product:

03-29-2012, 11:41 AM
Never knew about the hole Honda placed there, thanks!