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First DIY I've ever done officially so don't get fussy with me if it doesn't meet your needs. I found a DIY for the RSX over at Honda-Tech and took the DIY's method but did some routing different due to the EP3 chassis having less headroom under the bonnet.

Anything that isn't covered here or aren't pictures of, you can find here from the thread I derived my DIY from:


First, the parts you will need:
Aftermarket fuel pump (I used a Deatchwerks DW65c)
Aftermarket fuel pressure regulator (I used an Aeromotive A1000)
Aftermarket inline fuel filter (I used an Aeromotive 10-ORB with a 10 micron filter)
Aftermarket fuel rail with AN adapter ends (I used a K-Tuned)
1' Gates 5/16" submersible fuel hose
1' Gates 3/8" submersible fuel hose
~25' of your choice braided AN line (I used #6)
4 straight AN swivel hose ends (#6)
1 90* bulkhead (#6)
1 180* AN swivel hose end
1 45* AN swivel hose end
1 90* swivel hose end
1 AN straight swivel end w/3/8" push fit (#6)
2 AN male union adapters (#6)
1 AN plug (#6)
2 #10 to #6 male reducer unions
1 bag of zip ties medium length (6")
7 5/16" to 3/8" hose clamps
1 2/5" hose clamp
1 old or un wanted 2.5" or 3" silicone coupling

First, start with depressurizing the fuel system. Take off the gas cap to relieve tank pressure. Then grab some rags or shop towels and head to the engine bay.

Use needle nose pliers and release the palstic clip on the stock feed line. Put the towels underneath and around and the and SLOWLY pull it out, it will spray a bit if you have just finished driving the car, otherwise if the car's been sitting it will just leak out.

Continue to remove the fuel rail, the manifold cover if you have it, the ground from the injector clips, all injector clips and the two bolts holding the rails to the intake manifold.

Remove the injectors from the stock rail. take your aftermarket fuel rail and mount the fuel pressure gauge on it, if it's a K-Tuned you will need the 180 elbow to mount it on the underside of the rail. Take your #6 AN to #8 boss fittings and attach/secure them to each end of the rail. They should come with O-rings for the rail side of the fitting, if not you WILL need them.

Once all that's said and done, reinstall your injectors and reinstall the rail back on the manifold. Don't forget to use a little bit of engine oil on the injector O-rings, you WILL tear them pushing them back in. Also, don't forget to use teflon tape on the threads of the fuel pressure gauge.

Now onto the fuel pump assembly. If you have already done a Walbro 255 LPH or have Deatchwerks fuel pump installed then half of the work is done for you. If not then look at the DIY for the Walbro here in the DIY section. The Deatchwerks is direct drop in and no modifications are needed.

Now take the cradle and cut and remove the weird rubber hoses from the stock fuel pressure regulator and then remove the nipple that feeds back into the fuel pump cradle. Push on the 3/8" submersible fuel hose and clamp that piece on.


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Continue good sir!

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