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03-15-2013, 10:27 PM
This is just a DIY for the BuddyCLub Extended Ball Joints. its not alot but it's something for you guys to go off of so your not searching around the internet.

Tools That I Used:
32mm socket
10mm socket
17mm socket
19mm socket
12mm socket
Ball Joint Seperater Tool
Heavy Hammer
Sledge Hammer
Torque Tool
Flathead Scewdriver
Impact tool
Floor Jack
Two Jack Stands

Torque Specs:
Spindle Nut 134 ft lb
ABS Sensor 7.2 ft lb ( just easily hand tighten it)
Castle Nut 43-51 ft lb
Dampner Pinch Bolt 116 ft lb
Caliper Mounting Bracket Bolts 80 ft lb

Step 1: Jack your vehicle up and place it on jackstand. Remove your front wheels.
Remove Spindle Nut with 32mm socket ( the nut that holds the axle in).
Step 2: Remove ABS Sensor with 10mm socket, you will have to twist the ABS Sensor and kind of wiggle it out, but be careful with it. tie it off somewhere so that it does not get damaged.

Step 3: Remove Cotter Pin and Castle Nut from Lower Ball Joint with 17mm socket.

Step 4: Remove Calliper Mounting Bracket Bolts with 17mm socket ( 2 of them). Now remove the Caliper Assembly and hang it somewhere out of the way with a string and make sure that you are not twisting the brake hose and it is not stretching.( once i had the Caliper Assembly off the Brake Rotors i just popped the Brake pads out and set them aside).

Step 5: Remove the Dampner Pinch Bolts And Nuts with a 19mm socket. ( the bolts that i am pointing my two fingers at in the picture).

Step 6: To keep from damaging the Axle boot i tapped the axle out lightly with a wooden hammer and set it aside out of the way.

Step 7: Now that you have done all of this, the Hub should move freely with the ball joint attatched to the lower control arm. From here you will use the Ball joint seperater tool, hammer, and sledge hammer if needed. You can rotate the hub left and right so that you can you the Ball joint seperater from different sides to pop the ball joint out. Now wedge the ball joint seperater between the balljoiunt and the lower control arm like in the picture. hammer the ball joint seperator until the ball joint is seperated from the lower control arm and the Hub is free.(Mine were pretty hard to seperate, but dont give up just keep hammering.

Ok now that you have the hub free with the old ball joint still attached, you can go to your local shop and have the old ones pressed out and your new buddyclub extended ball joints pressed in. If you want to you can go to your local O'rielys auto parts store and rent a ball joint removal kit and make sure that you get the seperate honda specific ball joint press kit with it. Total deposit for the tools from O'rielys was $216, but you get all of that back when you return the tools.

Once you have your new ball joints in just go in reverse order to re-install everything. i have provided the torque specs for everything for you. I got them from the 02-03 Honda civic si vehicle service manual. so they are correct. I hope this helped you in installing your BuddyClub Extended Ball Joints.


03-16-2013, 12:26 AM
hahaha nice to see you got it out and put together!