View Full Version : Cruise Control Light Fix DIY

05-19-2014, 10:03 AM
Got a Cruise Control switch that doesn't light up?
Whether it is the red/amber CRUISE or the green indicator light this DIY will help.

First, the part numbers.



OK, here's what we're looking at.


Step One: Reach in between the steering column and the dash and pop out the plug to the right of the power mirror switch. There is Styrofoam behind it. If you wiggle it side to side while pushing out it should pop loose.

Step Two: Push the Styrofoam back a little, not hard. You should be able to reach your middle finger in through that opening and push out the plug to the right of the Cruise Control switch. The two blank plugs are the same.

Step Three: Reach in through the second opening and pop out the Cruise Control switch. Pull it out a little and push the tab on the connector to unplug it. Be careful the harness doesn't pull back into the dash.


Step Four: The two brown round things on the side of the switch are the bulbs. The red/amber is the bottom one and the green one is on top. Turn the bulb(s) approximately 1/4 turn counter-clockwise to loosen them and tap the switch against the palm of your hand to make them fall out. Put the new bulb(s) in place and turn them 1/4 turn clockwise to seat them.

Step Five: Plug the switch in without putting it back in the dash and verify bulb operation.

Step Six: If everything works put the switch and the two plugs back in place. All done!

Note: This procedure should be essentially that same for the Mirror switch, though I didn't try it.

Any questions let me know.