View Full Version : driver's pretensioner help

08-23-2015, 09:36 PM
someone broke into my car about 2 years ago. they ripped them out so the insurance company replaced the wiring harness and seats (03 si). Ever since then i have had nothing but problems with the 21-1 high resistance code. I have checked multiple times and have tested the wiring from srs unit to pretensioner connector and every time had about .2 ohms. Performed wiggle test and never changes. I took it to the honda dealer and they said they have warranty for life on the buckles and that they are garbage and they have problems with them all the time. To me it seems fishy to have gone through about 4 buckle assemblies. I notice that i will disconnect the harness from srs unit and plug them back in i will be fine for about a week. the pins dont appear to be backing out and the pins (female and male) appear to be ok. Anyone else having issues?