View Full Version : Magan racing coilovers. Thoughts/ opinions?

Be EP3sy
09-27-2015, 01:37 PM
Hey guys

I plan on buying these coilovers for my 04 ep3. http://thmotorsports.com/megan-racing/megan-racing-coilovers-street-series/mrcdkhc02si/i-128255.aspx.

They are the Megan Racing- Street series 32 way adjustable coilovers. I've heard some decent reviews on this brand in general in the past, just curious about this particular model on this particular car.

Also I believe this should cover all that i need for the drop i plan but would you guys suggest anything else? roller bearings perhaps? i dont plan on ever going over a 1.5" drop and since winter is almost upon us i will most likely only be doing a 1" drop for now.

Also, this will be my daily driver, wont be rallying with it anytime soon. just looking for an improved but comfortable suspension/ handling

Any input is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

10-01-2015, 10:13 PM
The straight arms look awesome. You may want to go dc5 spec spring rates if they're stiffer. If they work for Tony k then they should work for you. Granted he has swift springs

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