View Full Version : fitment: dc5r rear strut bar with gussets and aluminum floor brace

04-25-2017, 12:57 PM
hello everone, i just installed dc5 type r rear strut bar with gussets, and the aluminum floor brace. installation was straight forward and fitment are ok, except i run into few problems, want to check with those who have these pieces installed. if its my installation error or thats just how it is.

After installing the rear strut bar with the gussets i am not able to re-install the plastic pieces that cover the shock tower. it seems like the bottom plastic is hitting the strut bar, anyone came across the same issue? does it require trimming to the plastics?

for the aluminum floor bar. the center 4 bolts lined up perfectly, the ends however, only the bolt on each side that is toward the rear were lined up, the front 2 have over an inch gap, and the holes don't line up. i read another thread someone came across the same issue. i want to see if anyone able to get dc5 bracket so all 4 of the end bolts would line up? also after installing the floor brace, i am not able to line up the rear side panels, it seems the brace is hitting the floor bar closer to front seat belts lower bolts. anyone ran into same issue? did you have to trim the plastic?

thanks in advance


04-25-2017, 01:33 PM
Braniff, you're correct on all counts. Just be careful in cutting out the side plastic trim around the floor brace, as it is quite visible. I was annoyed after such a long install that I had thought would be a breeze (first time taking out the side plastic trim mostly), so cut out more than I should have.

I felt a pretty good difference when I went around my first hairpin turn afterwards. You should too! Here's what mine looked like before I put the trim back in. Wish I could have still had them showing somehow. But the powdercoating at least give them some amount of protection, and so pretty! :tehehyper:


04-26-2017, 10:31 AM
thanks for the prompt reply and confirmation Tommy. took it for a short drive yesterday it felt great, exiting corner feel more stable.

04-27-2017, 06:35 AM
Glad you felt it too. Worst thing is to go through the trouble of doing something and it yields crap.

BTW: on the thread dealing with these braces, either here or on Club EP3, I forget, someone did do something about the set of holes not working on the floor brace, but I think it's too much to do for something that like you said really isn't a "problem".

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