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05-11-2017, 06:50 AM
Well guys, here is a finalized list of every fitting needed to run a new feed line and using the stock line as a return minus a few misc. pieces and my FPR. Why? because during my last datalog before a bigger TB, ported RBC manifold, cams and valve train my duty cycle for my ID1000's from my walbro 255 was at 89% on e85.
-8 AN line-->plan on boosting later with a bigger fuel pump
why use stock as a return? It's equivalent to -6 AN and why run a new line when one is already there..this will be street driven sometimes and it will keep the risk down on debirs to hit another line. Its not a finalized placement of fuel filter-might want to put it on top of subframe or somewhere off the bottom of car for protection or the backside of fuel tank where all my evap stuff is missing.

Will have a full write-up and walkthrough in the next month. I followed a DIY on ClubRSX/HondaTech and made my own changes. this is just the start! https://honda-tech.com/forums/acura-rsx-dc5-honda-civic-ep3-32/fuel-return-diy-2905850/

This next link is to ensure you don't run into the problem of fuel starvation when hitting 1/4 of a tank...

Be sure to Draw your setup so you can visually see and note what you need for you.

Parts List
1x Fuel Pressure Regulator-your choice--make sure you note what size AN fittings they take. Grams Performance G60-99-0000

1x Fuel Rail-note AN fitting sizes -K-tuned here

1x Fuel Pump-I used walbro 255 --http://forums.clubrsx.com/showthread.php?t=738511 Follow this DIY for Install mine is done.

1x Inline fuel filter least a 40 Micron or lower -Note AN fitting size Aeromotive AEI-12330

3x -8 AN Hose End to Female - 8AN Russell Performance RUS-610035

2x -8 AN Hose End 45 Degree to Female -8 AN Russell Performance RUS-610105 -One on Fuel Rail the other to FPR

2x -8 AN Hose End 90 Degree to Female -8 AN Russell Performance RUS-610175-One on Fuel Rail the Other for Return Line

1x -8 AN Hose End 180 Degree to female -8 AN Russell Performance RUS-613515--From return line to EFI Fitting

1x -8 AN 20 Foot Hose Russell Performance RUS-632143

1x 1/4" Hard Tube Push-on EFI Fitting to -6 AN Male Russell Performance RUS-641303 --This is for your stock fuel line!

2x -8 AN Male to -6 AN Female Reducer Vibrant VPE-10842 --One goes on to EFI Fitting the Other is for the Bulkhead fitting

1x -10 AN Plug with O-ring[B] Summit Racing%

Got my parts in and started the process, gonna take another day to do the main line but cannot finish til I get the motor in.


Attached all fittings to their parts minus line fittings

Started with the efi fitting on the main line. Finished adding the elbow and fitting to the fuel cage and man is that little bit of fuel getting nasty. Going to have drop the tank and clean it out before I dirty my lines up.