View Full Version : JRSC Ghetto Race upgrade VS Race upgrade

08-01-2017, 05:32 AM
While I have been waiting for my rotor pack to come back to me I have been researching some optional upgrades to my existing k20a3 setup.

I've researched what I could find and most of it could be substantiated as here-say but I came up with some interesting contradictions that have me a bit confused on the best road to take going forward.

Currently I am running the K20A3 motor with JRSC Street 4.4" pulley that is good for around 5psi of boost. I had purchased a 4" pulley and 310cc injectors years back under the guise that I would swap out the pulley and run the "ghetto" race kit as Mustcimb's post below, highlights some interesting points surrounding those who live in the New England area having varying temperatures/seasons and consequently gas.


I had come across the above post years back at a time when Hondata was charging upwards of 900 for KPRO and there was no competent tuning shop around me I opted to purchase a 4" pulley and the 310cc injectors and planned on installing them at a later time but never did.

Next I came across the link directly below this paragraph from Hondata, which lists a stock SI with the street kit but lists intake, header, exhaust and TFI Box (I assume is the powercard), something that I thought were not supported on the street kit, which was the header? This has me a bit confused as I am running the OEM header/catalytic converter setup on my street setup so the possibility of swapping the shorty header for longer extractors may be a warranted benefit?


They then list the race version with larger injectors, the header still and of course kpro and compare that to I am assuming the stock SI with the street version of the supercharger, but with the JRRH header.

At this point I am thinking of the following options.

1. Get the JRRH and install a Innovative Wideband sensor before the cat and custom midpipe I would need to make it legal with a new catalytic converter welded in and run the 4" pulley and upgraded 310cc injectors?

2. Forget the JRRH, keep the OEM header/catalytic converter but weld in the a bung and install the Innovative Wideband sensor and run the 4" pulley and upgraded 310cc injectors?

3. Send my ECU away to Hondata and purchase Kpro and purchase 440cc injectors, purchase MAP sensor relocation bracket, and purchase Innovative Wideband and keep OEM header/catalytic converter since it's getting a tad pricey now at this point. Pay to play sadly.

I'm wondering too if the JRRH is still a viable option for the "Ghetto" race kit granted the catalytic converter is still in place, which for me, it must be. As there is mention of going too lean in this post and/or being capped at a certain HP number due to the catalytic converter acting as a restrictor plate.


While the cost of Hondata's Kpro has come down to a more acceptable price point, it's inability to adjust for seasonal changes and ambient temperature’s/air/driving conditions still has me holding off from purchasing it and going back to the "ghetto" race setup.

I am weighing options at this point but the other part of me wants to roll the dice and run the 310cc injectors and 4" pulley and leave my OEM header/catalytic convert alone BUT add the Innovative wideband sensor to monitor lean/rich conditions and possibly boost control for some semblance of protection if I really do happen to lean out.

Hondata's FAQ section mentions the 310cc injectors and the fact that the ECU can compensate somewhat for this, again still retaining that "ghetto" status but may limit over fueling, which may be why one ep3 owner from clubep3, Mustclimb, was able to run his setup, unknown if he still is.


The last part of me says just go for it but ultimately that would equate to Kpro, 440cc injectors, Innovative wide band, map sensor relocation bracket, JRRH + fabrication to get mid pipe with catalytic converter mated to the cat back exhaust, possibly additional tuning but the map that comes with Kpro should be a direct match for the components I would be adding minus the cat. I would be looking upwards of $1500 to gain an additional 30hp, again this is an assumption made on my part based on the graphs shared by hondata.

As it stands now the car with the street kit runs well, though rich, as the exhaust tip is just covered in soot, never was an issue prior to the kit so I could assume that is the powercard at WOT dumping fuel. Leak down and compression tests yield healthy numbers still and I wonder if running the ghetto race kit with additional boost would work to even out the rich mixture, or would a JRRH on the street kit be the better way to go or something else entirely or nothing.

I may have to be a pioneer in this aspect and decide for myself considering the age of the application and that only one or two people have run the Ghetto race kit successfully but more than likely have moved on.

Anyone else with experience with the JRSC, Ghetto race kit setup, Hondata Kpro, I would love to hear your observations or suggestions on the pros and cons of each and any additional unthought of caveats to consider.