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    Planning to Replace Factory Radio. Please Help Me Choice An Aftermarket Radio.

    I'm planning to replace my factory radio in a few weeks.
    1) I want to know what is a good radio for under $200 and has excellent sound coming from the car speakers?
    2) What store do you recommend for the car radio to be installed (Best Buy, Circuit City, or Car Toys) and installs the factory radio in for free, if I don't like aftermarket radio?
    3) Is there a silver color kit out yet?
    4) Will I lose my car warranty , if I decide to get an aftermarket radio?

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    only one i think i've got an awnser for is #4.. and thats a no, i don't think you lose any warranty coverage for replacing the radio. (at least that was my expieirence in the past):D

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    Let's see 2 and 4

    I would go with car toys, and the only warranty you will void would be anything having to do with the stereo system such as speakers.

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    Let's see.... I'll take 1 thru 4....

    1) IMHO any Pioneer is your best bet under $200. Specifically the DEH-3400. You get color changing display, superBass, superTuner for reception of FM radio, and you get one of the few head units under $200 with EXCELLENT sound. That's because of Pioneers MOSFET technology. Any unit with MOSFET sounds excellent on our stock speakers. The unit I recommended is a MOSFET50 (4x 50watt). Now, remember - that's good for $200. It's not an excellent stereo, just the best your gonna get for that price....

    2) I like Best Buy. The use Metra for their dask kits (more later). The will put your factory head unit back for free for as long as you own your car. They warranty their work. They always have at least 1 head audio tech-guy employed at each store (who knew about the dash kit issues with my ep MONTHS ago).

    3) Metra currently has the BLACK kit in abundance for our cars (Part#99-7860). The also are about to begin production on the silver kit in the next few weeks. It's part number is (99-7860S). NOT QUITE AVAILIABLE YET.

    4) Hell no. Look at my sig and see what I've done to my car (although no radio yet). The dealership gave me no probs when I went in for my scheduled maint. just yesterday. As a matter of fact, the tech who worked on my car complimented me on my mods, and asked me where I found stuff for this car already and if I got good prices or not.... Unless a poor radio install can be PROVEN to have caused some major electrical catrostrophe you have nothing to worry about. Just be carful the audio techs don't scratch the silver paint on your dash... Honda warranty dosent cover that kind of cosmetic "defect".

    Oh, yeah...

    They have about 5 radios that MSRP is about $170-$240 for. Most if not all of them can be gotten cheaper brand new. Try pricing them here:

    Best Buy will install any radio you supply them with... So get it cheap online and take it there for the install....

    Good Luck.

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    I agree that Pioneer is the best stuff out there, especially in that price range. Don't entrust your car to the less than capable hands of Best Buy or any other mass merchant! Take it to a specialty store. I've worked in an audio shop for years, and we fixed more Best Buy "free installs" than I can remember! They've got nothing but kids who know little to nothing about audio, and if you've ever attempted to take apart your Si's dash, you'll know that it's not to be done by someone who just got transferred from appliances last week. As for buying it online and having it installed, good luck! I've seen more problems with grey market stuff than anything else. people think they got a good deal, but if they have a problem, there's no manufacturer's warranty and the place they got it from is usually long gone since it was probably some 14 year old selling from his bedroom! Not to mention we guarantee our work as long as you own the car IF the equipment was purchased at our store. We also charge double the labor to install other people's stuff. You'll find that most specialists are priced comparably to the big stores and not too much higher than what you'll find online. The bottom line is there's alot more than price. You just dropped $20k on a car, do you really wanna cut corners to save yourself $50? get to know your audio installer and they'll take the time to steer you in the right direction.

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    personally i like my alpine cda 7875 was way more than 200 though :(

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    I've had Pioneer, Alpine, and Panasonic--I like Alpine the best. Panasonic is all looks and no sound.

    The DEH-3400 sounds impressive at 50WX4, but it only has 22 watts RMS each channel. You might check the Alpine CDM-7874 too--it's in your price range. It also is rated at 50WX4 but is 21 watts RMS. You won't notice 1 watt difference.

    Also, I don't l like flip-face CD players. Too much trouble for me; another reason to go with the Alpine. I also *really* like knobs. I don't know why the hell everything is buttons now adays. The Alpine has a knob, hence another feature I like. I don't think you can go wrong with either Pioneer or Alpine. It's just going to be personal preference.

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