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    paint touchup help

    alright so when i got my back bumper fixed (guy ran into it in the parking lot), the auto shop gave me a small can of the exact paint they used. now ive got a couple of shallow marks on my front bumper and i'm wondering how you apply it cuz for sure a paintbrush wouldnt make it look good. any help would be cool thanks.

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    never tried it, but from what i heard, NEVER use the brush. Instead....use the back of a wooden match and tad the spot u need to touchup. search the site for more info on this.
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    I would assume just using an old rag or cloth the way you might wax, just get it right on the area, and try not to smear it around so much. You also might try using a Q-tip or something small like that to apply it, then rubbing it even so it doesnt stand out so bad? Just some ideas.

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    I think mothers makes a paint chip repair kit might want to look into that supposed to make a really smooth finish

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