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    Talking New NOS kit for me!

    I just picked up a used NOS kit from a friend at an insane steal (I'd have to kick my own ass for passing this up, esp. since most parts are new and the rest have only been used for 1 bottle). I was going to go turbo, but between the cost and my wife killing me for spending that much cash, I had to back So, this is what I have:

    NOS nitrous kit (wet)
    10 lbs blue bottle
    bottle heater
    blow down tube
    PSI gauge
    remote opener
    1. one 450hp rated fuel solenoid
    2. one 450hp rated n20 solenoid
    3. one 175hp rated fuel solenoid
    4. one 175hp rated n20 solenoid
    two fighter style switches
    one purge button
    steel braided lines
    mixer with 80 shot jets
    wiring harness for heater and opener

    After reading through alot of the posts, I just wanted to confirm the following:

    1 step colder plugs, as in the OEM Type S plugs are needed

    Clutch disk (looking at excedy)

    As this is my first time running N20, any suggestions would be great. I've ran alot of turbo beasts, so I want to see how this feels compared to that. I'm just mad because N20 isn't super cheap..ahah... Wish me luck on not buying 32 clutch disk's in a year!

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    I just un-installed my Edelbrock kit and I can run you through the basics that would apply to your kit.

    A is the positive 12v that connects to the relay

    B is the negative that also connects to one of the relays

    C, I dont think applies because your kit looks like it is button activated, not WOT like the Edelbrock kit.

    E, that's where the fuel lines are split. You'll want to get rubber fuel lines and a t connector so you can run one line to the fuel solenoid. You'll probably want to go with the 175 hp solenoid first. Below E are the nitrous and fuel solenoids. The steel braided line connects to the nitrous solenoid and runs back to the tank. You'll want to mount your tank securely and use that blow down tube.

    F, ground for the solenoids.

    You'll also have to run the wires from the relay to the solenoid and the relay to the switches. Good luck.

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    my only advice is have fun. so what type of shot are you gonna run, 50, 75?
    post time slips.

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    i wanna spray mines but idk how much should i spray

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