The purpose of Target Lambda is to always have your fuel on point, within reason. Basically, you set it up after you get your AFR dialed in and it should, within reason, keep that AFR no matter what. This is a good way to get it to the tuners dyno, or a way to keep your ride driving smoothly afterwards. Please DO NOT use this as a tuning solution for your fueling, as the adjustments made are lost if ecu power is lost, as this relies on building a correction table for closed loop every time you drive it. That means if you go to make a hit on a fresh start, and your fuel is super lean already, its going to either blow up or run like poo, so don't do that.

First off, you need a working primary O2 sensor for this to work. You need either the NTK, Denso, or Bosch units (non universal) from either the USDM ep3 or 02-04 RSX, the 05-06 doesn't work nor will overseas primaries.

To enable Target Lambda tables, you need to load up your kal, and go to Parameters>Closed Loop Advanced, check the box for "Enable target lambda tables" and then right above it, select "Fuel compensation from target lambda tables"

Next you will need to go to Parameters>Closed Loop and set Maximum MAP for closed loop to a value higher than your WOT manifold pressure, sea level is about 103 kPa, +2psi would be about 110 kPa, boosted stuff, I hope you're smart enough to find a calculator AND have a wideband installed and wired into KPro4 by now.

Next, right below that box is TPS WOT high/low, set all tps% to 99

Now, assuming you have ironed out your fueling close to what you want, I would recommend +/-5% (or .5 AFR high or low or target) and open up your Target Lambda tables. Here, you can set your desired AFR target per cell, so you can have a stoic 14.7 in the cruising areas and turn them down to your 12-13.5 or whatever AFR you want. Do this at your own risk, or leave it up to someone you trust.

Save and up load your kal for changes to take effect. If you are not getting results that you expect, double check your settings or raise the Max MAP mentioned earlier and try uploading again.

I didn't include pictures because this is pretty straight forward, also I don't spoon feed AFR's as that's up to you to find out what works for your setup so the pictures I would have included, are things you can already see in your software in the Tables window and selecting the Target Lambda from the large drop down.