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Im posting up a basic k20a3 I/RH/E HiOc basemap i put together with some WOT street tuning and some partial throttle tuning including ignition advance on the 10, 20, 30 degree maps.

Its the most commonly asked for basemap and it should do you well for quite a while.

*lo cam not tuned, all hi cam... 2krpm and up. Rev limit 7300rpm. No fuel economy (highway) tuning. Check immobilizer if needed.*


Back from the dead... Would this map work on Ver 4 Kpro and K24a1 with I/H/E swap? Enough fuel or higher fuel % adjustments needed? Would really appreciate the input. Heard people saying that some maps completed on the older versions of Kpro would not work on Ver 4. Just trying to make sure.