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    The guy sucks, he just wants you to send him money and he could care less if you get a quality part or even a part at all within a decent time frame.

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    Just to update, the motor connectors are the same as the TPS sensors connector. Here is link.
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    Someone jacked my head unit and ripped out a couple connections to my leveling motors in the process. I believe the wires that got disconnected were for pins 1 and 2, the dimmable light in the switch. Now that I only have the stock radio, where can I source these dimmable power and grounds? I would prefer to use a fuse tap so I don't need to damage the stock wiring.

    Is pin 1 red and pin 2 red/black or the other way around? Talon has it one way and ragebomb has it the opposite way. I also think these are both positive + circuits yet both diagrams label them as negative -...

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