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    Quote Originally Posted by MadLorEP3 View Post
    I'll think about it since you called my car "RICE"
    I said it outta love....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerby View Post
    I said it outta love....
    Quote Originally Posted by nmysiismyn View Post
    Ecclesiastes 1:9
    "What has been will be again,
    what has been done will be done again;
    there is nothing new under the sun."

    -King Solomon

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    I know this thread is straight out the crypt...

    ...but whenever I search "J's Racing EP3" this thread ALWAYS comes up so maybe there are some other creeps reading these ancient scrolls looking for relevant info who see it as well. Forgive the novel but here's the deal:

    I have been autocrossing for two years and am going k24 this spring as my poor abused a3 is starting to run a little rough after overheating and blowing coolant everywhere at 160k. I already spin a fair bit with my PWJDM dry carbon intake, k-tuned s-type 421 race header and 06 s-type ~2.25inch midpipe (running baseline Hondata tune on my kpro bc I didn't wanna spend $500 tuning an a3) and I'm running 245 Federal 595rs-rr tires (claimed 200 tw, tested independently as 140tw) on Konig Hypergrams (17x8 +35) all around. Rears poke a tiiiiny bit and rub occasionally but if I wasn't racing i would just toss a lil more negative camber back there and it would be fine but I HUNGER FOR MORE ROTATION. Current alignement is FRONT: -3.5 degrees camber, 1/16th inch toe out per side (1/8th out total), 1.5 drop; REAR: -0.5 degrees camber, 0 toe, 0.5 inch drop (raised to reduce tire rub and increase rotation). I have to be careful not to break loose as it is and with all the extra torque in my near future.......... I want to go wider. Anointed aero is pretty sick but I'm not crazy about the fitment, fiberworx is gnarly but I'm not too keen on $1000+ shipping AND cutting the OEM fenders soooo....

    Nemo's garage had a sale on the J's Racing wide fenders ($750->$550) and after years of looking at them I finally took the plunge and snapped up a pair. That was a month ago and they are still being made. I was warned this would take anywhere from 1.5-3 months or even longer but I'm down to wait. I cannot find ANY info on turnaround times, finish quality, body fitment or ideal wheel specs besides the ONE bloke in the UK who fitted them using an 8inch wide wheel and spacers and the stretched 205 tires. THANK YOU for posting your results earlier in this thread , your EP is sick!
    I am aiming to run a 275 Toyo R888R (Hoosier A7 if I can $wing it) in the front on a 17x9 +25 Konig Hypergram with a 245 Toyo in the rear on the 17x8+35 I already have. According to my math this should fit ALMOST PERFECTLY if the fenders extend potential clearance by the advertised 25mm per side... The +20 should clear all the arms and the 275 should only poke a tiny bit but I still have room to run more camber if I have to and from the temp tests I've run I could still bennefit from a little more.

    I'll update this as time passes but in the mean time is anyone out there? Anyone have any thoughts about this set up?

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    Some peoples are still poking around. I lurked for years & am lamenting the fact that no one's around anymore.
    I went K24 (+Kpro, velocity stack, DC sports header & catless exhaust) last year & it's great. Didn't do the z1 head swap yet - that's a future problem.
    Got a new set of coils (Stance - don't let the name throw you) this year & am going through the suspension to tighten everything up.
    Gonna be dedicated weekend / track toy soon.

    Never thought to run wider fenders...these could be great with some rolled rears.

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