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    That isnt bad costwise for a dyno tune. I never had any luck with the AEM ecu, though my experience was on a DSM with AEM. Many people use it with success on the Kseries.
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    Still running the A3 ECU?

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    I can't believe how much misinformation is in this thread! When I K24A2 swapped my 04 Civic in March, I daily drove it on a stock K20A3 ECU until September (7 months) until I could afford to get Kpro and I had no problems at all in thousands of miles of driving. The engine ran perfectly fine with no audible knock, misfires, oil consumption, etc and got good gas mileage, my best tank was a little over 40 MPG. I didn't beat on it and never exceeded maybe 1/4 throttle and 3.5-4K RPM, but with so much torque in a lightweight car there was no need to. Now that I have a proper ECU, I step on it whenever I can and my best tank was nearly 43 MPG (driving easy of course).

    However, the engine was never in VTEC with the K20A3 ECU because a junkyard sold me the wrong trans and I'm still trying to find an early one with a low frequency speed sensor and VTEC won't engage on a stock ECU unless the car is moving. If you attempt to run a true VTEC engine off a base ECU, I'd leave the VTEC solenoid unplugged so you aren't in VTEC at low RPMs where you shouldn't be since this could cause low oil pressure, running lean, possibly damage(?), etc.

    To be clear, I'm NOT saying a base ECU running a true VTEC engine is a correct or ideal setup, I'm just saying that I got away with it for 7 months without any problems, so based on my experience, I wouldn't worry about temporarily running a stock K24A2 or K20A2/Z1/Z3 off a K20A3 ECU. As long as you leave the VTEC solenoid unplugged and take it easy, I don't see why you would have problems either.

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