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    just got my BCSS today. waiting till i get home to install. gonna use this write up for sure and ill let you know how it goes. thanks for the DIY write up. doing my research now before i tear into it

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    Do all you guys have after market clutch kits ? I wanna buy the buddyclub short shift. But dont know if i should get a new clutch first

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    I don't have aftermarket clutch. Just bushings from CorSport. Will upgrade clutch later though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silvercard View Post
    So I figured it out. I noticed that both plastic caps are not broken in. So I popped them off put the honda ones that are worn in and it worked! And also greased the spring and now it has more force.
    how did you switch them up? pita? Thanks.

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    Ouch! My poor knuckles.

    I just wanted to say thanks for setting this up. Yes I'm bumping a thread that hasn't been posted to in two years.

    Did mine this weekend, and pretty much hated every minute of it. Yes, my knuckles are bloodied, first of all. But did want to share a couple of things that I think weren't included previously. If they were, then I'm repeating - sorry.

    1. The left side shift cable (smaller one) takes an 11mm wrench at the top of it. I found that trying to use a channel lock on them didn't allow for enough rotation to get the cables out of the plastic base. So I used the 11mm and a very thin, long flathead - turned it as far as I could from below with the wrench, kept the wrench there and pressure on the cable, then got the flathead in the slot in the top of the locking mechanism, and was able to finish it up by rotating things ccw from the top the rest of the way

    2. The plastic caps on the BCSS didn't allow the plastic covers on the cables to lock into place, so I used the OEM caps on the BCSS nubs. Also, if you deform the OEM ones on either the removal or install, they probably won't lock perfectly, either. I had to use the channel locks on one to get it round and short enough for the U clip to lock it in correctly again. Also, I had bought a used OEM cable assembly to see how things went in with the base, and also to have some spare U clips just in case. It helped out tremendously, to visualize the process, and to allow me to try the caps locking into the plastic covers on the cables from outside the car, without fear of anything dropping down into the black hole underneath everything. It was money well spent (it will be on the classifieds shortly, since I don't need it anymore).

    3. If you're doing the AL base bushings, I did that before attaching the cables down below. I found it easier, so that things didn't move around on me. I did the top gold screw/bushings first (leaving them very loose) then the bottoms - for the bottoms, I let the bushing fall into the area in between the base and the metal part of the dash that it screws into; they will fall only down to just below the hole; then supported them from below with a finger while I got the gold screw through the hole, then the bushing, then the threads. That ended up working pretty easily.

    4. Lastly, make sure that everything is on and working in the center console before putting everything back in. I had a flickering bulb in the HVAC, so decided to change all four bulbs in the console. But now I have no ability to control the temps (green wiring harness I'm sure is not all the way in), my front speakers are working as my rear speakers in the stereo, and my rears are not working at all. Luckily, it's not a big deal to do, but better to do it all at once before pushing everything back in.

    It took me longer than it should have, but the directions were very helpful - I couldn't have done it without them. So thanks to all who above me in this thread. Despite the scars, it is worthwhile and the shifting is much crisper now than before.

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    Itís 2019 and Iím here installing my BCSS. Thank you for the steps . Itís literally like the video on YouTube just in written form 👌🍻

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