my other thread was lost... darn it... here is the short version...

Q: "my post counts stuck at zero but i am posting - WTF?"
A: not all forums are "post counting" sections - sections like off topic or meets section are an example.

Q: "why did my post count go down? am i in trouble?"
A: in order for the site to run optimally - some sections get cleaned for inactivity or junk. also multiple threads on the same subject either get merged or deleted. we dont need 14 threads on "whats the best oil for the k series?"

in some circumstances post counts will go down for people that are boosting their post counts to sell... these are what we refer to as "postwhores". If you are seen by staff as whoring around the boards by posting stupid stuff like "yeah man", "bump", "troof" in technical sections and being a general nusiance - your posts WILL be deleted.

our members care about our site and WILL report you - so behave! contribute to the site and enjoy ephatch, please dont abuse it.

if you have any questions - please ask a staff member, we are here to help.