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Thread: Ej1 -Round 2-

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    One over here ... lol two kids later and my 15 year old EP still on the road as a daily commuter. Wondering if anyone from north jersey still gets together?

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    Just joined after picking up an 04 SI last week. Sad to see this forum so deserted.

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    Man sucks to see it so slow.

    It's rebuild time for me. Engine. Trans. Made it to 147k miles before the trans had a problem. Engine is down a little on power from being hydrolocked in 2016, but she still spins to 8500 and makes power all the way there.

    The new donor is a 2000 Integra!!

    Was planning on documenting the trans rebuild, engine rebuild, and show a lot of the work that I have to do to the Teg... it's an auto lol. Also share the extent of the audio system as it has grown extensively. It all has my minimalist ways attached to it... so no neon or leds... sorry guys lol.

    After the Teg is swapped... the parts from the Teg will go into the Civic.... so it will have an auto B18 with AC so it will still live on as a much more comfortable DD!!

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