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    mmm bilsteins and todds caster plate....nut

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhiteComet View Post
    Bringing this back from the dead.

    Does anyone know if the Bilstein shocks actually lower the car height at all? I'm on HFP suspension and plan to get Bilstein shocks, but someone else posted that the HFP/aspec springs are actually the same length as stock, and that it's the strut that lowers the car by .75" - 1", not the spring.

    If the Bilstein shocks are designed for the EP3R then it woudl'nt be a problem as the EP3R suspension is already 1" lower, but since these are sold as OEM replacements in the US, I'm worried that it'll raise my car back to stock height if I put the HFP springs on there. Can someone confirm this?
    Can anyone confirm that the front B8 Bilstein shocks will retain the .75" drop since essentially the HFP springs are stock springs on a shorter strut?

    Also, wouldn't this set up be a bit better if the 02-04 Type S springs that have 279 spring rate vs 248 spring of the stock/HFP spring were used with the B8 Bilstein strut?

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