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    Quote Originally Posted by eg2solsi500 View Post
    Captaingamez did you finished the CTR brake swap ? I was wondering what brake pad did you use

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    They're essentially DC5S calipers, I'm running DC5S EBC red pads in my EP3R calipers
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    Does the year matter ?

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    Contrary to the previous first line, I think the post is dead...too bad too.

    Quote Originally Posted by captaingamez View Post
    Oh, yeah, I dontl like threads left hanging, especially when I find so many when I am looking for answers.

    Essentially all EP3 Type Rs have identical suspension to the 2002-2004 RSX Type-S, well actually vis versa, since the EP3 came out first.

    The only difference is the 04-05 model (only those years) had the "Type R" imprint calipers.

    I am going to make a thread on the swap, as soon as my Type S axle comes in on Tuesday. I am painting the calipers silver and the "Type R" red. I will take lots of pics and such.

    Another interesting thing to note, is that you can actually run our stock caliper on the larger Type S rotor with some playing with the brackets, and it will fit exact. I will be doing that for a week while I rebuild the "Type R" imprint calipers. (thank god ATE Super Blue is back in stock!!)

    Should I post the CTR FIVE LUG SWAP thread in JDM or in SUSPENSION?

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